i survived my first pgh knit and crochet show!  i may have brought more yarn home with me than i left with, but i’m sure that is not surprising to anyone.  i also brought home a nice head cold but as of today it’s on the mend.
what fun the show was!  cathy rosensteel, betsy orr, sylvia elliott, ali and ardis mock were my helpers and i have to say it was a very positive and fun experience.  i could not have done it without their help.  we had two meetings prior to the show to put our heads together and it made a huge difference.  thanks so much ladies!
its hard to believe it took up a good three weeks of my time tho – two weeks getting ready and a week trying to get everything back together here at the shop.
i was pretty nervous about it at first, not knowing what to take or how to set it up but having emptied out the dining room and set  everything up in there made a huge difference.  my mind was racing all week making lists and running up and down the stairs.  it finally all clicked and i realized all of it was NOT going to fit in tom’s truck so we both had to drive.  after that it was all downhill.  unfortunately i broke out in hives and was itchy all weekend – went through an entire tube of cortisone cream.  its not polite to be scratching when you’re trying to talk to people about knitting, is it? 
while we were gone, portulaca gave birth to twin boys and buttercup had a boy the week before.  comcast has not been working properly for me the past week and i can’t bring up any of the photos unfortunately but i’ll make up for it next time.
i’ve been working diligently to get the shop back in order to re-open this friday.  i have really missed seeing everyone on my usual friday chubby knitters club.  so i figured since i had everything in total disarray, i may as well rearrange it all.  the shop will look very different next time you stop by, especially the porch and living and dining room.  the kitchen is pretty much the same except cleaner.
while at the show, i opened two new yarn accounts.  i now have an account with blue heron yarns and also with a small studio called unexpected peacock (there’s a story there somewhere).  both are beautiful yarns.  blue heron has been around a while and is well known; unexpected peacock is new and i am the first shop in pennsylvania so far to carry natasha’s hand dyed yummy yarns.
i decided it was time to do spring cleaning in the yarn department and i now have a section where the yarns have a red line through the price and are all half off.  still adding to this but there’s quite a variety – wool, linen, cotton, etc.  check it out next time you come over. 
monday 3/24 jump ring bracelets (last call for this class) 1:00
wednesday 3/26 finishing class at 1:00
monday 3/31 felt cuff class 1 of 2 at the shop at 1:00
also don’t forget the upcoming embellished sweater class (april 10 and may 15).  there’s a morning and afternoon class and space for one or two in each.  
details for these classes can be found on my website
coming soon another boot sock class taught by sock nut laura mcguire.  these classes will be held on saturdays at laura’s house.  details next month.
friday, march 28th jennifer le will be hosting a “Thirty-One” party here at the shop.  it will be extremely informal, with jen’s products being displayed for the day.  no pressure – just check out the nice things they offer.  there are several knitting type bags with loads of pockets which can also be personalized.
wednesday 3/19 close knit girls at panera murrysville
thursday 3/20 purlin girls at the bean and also the first day of spring!!!!
tuesday 3/25 knitters anonymous 1-6
fridays 3/21 and 3/28 shop open 10-6
last but not least, happy birthday wishes go out to:
diane p. on 3/21 (which happens to be my mom’s birthday also) and kathy a. on 3/25.  have a wonderful day ladies!
sorry this is short and sweet with no wonderful pictures to share but hopefully comcast will have fixed my problem for my next newsletter.  i have missed you all and hope to see you soon!
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