october 2011 newsletter

hello everyone! sorry this newsletter is late this month. my mother’s passing has left a quiet, empty room and an empty space in my heart and i thank everyone for their support, prayers, and kind words.

well-known knitter and author, elizabeth zimmerman, and i have something in common besides a love of knitting – a hatred of purling!! so much so for me that if i find a pattern i like, if there is too much purling going on, i will pass it up! i have been liking the garter stitch lately but to do it in the round calls for purling every other row (ugh). i worked a few inches on the first purse when it occurred to me i could do a simple wrap and turn and knit the purl rows from the inside. woohoo so for those of you who dont care to purl, try this tip while knitting in the round!

last month, the purl’n gurls from latrobe were making cowls – different stitches, different yarns and all so beautiful. check out the new pictures of the gang happily knitting at the bean and mary modeling her cowl.. now i am itching to make a cowl too!

if you havent had the pleasure of trying any of the new mesh yarns, by all means try a skein. i bought several different kinds from WEBS and it’s really interesting. try this link: yarn.com i purchased knitting fever flounce, filatura di crosa moda, filatura di crose moda lame, and katia triana lux. they all have their own nice qualities. some only have 16 yards but believe it or not, it makes a nice size scarf! check out their video on how to knit with it if you are interested. the video is on the page along with the yarn. i will be carrying a limited selection of this yarn at my shop within the next week or two. great for holiday gifts!

the FIRST class held at my new studio has just completed! seven ladies learning to knit and felt. it has been a lot of fun and i have been blessed to meet another nice bunch of girls. another class of girls going nuts on clutches and wine totes as well. october 6 was our last class but we are hoping to continue on. also my beginning knitting class at franklin was briefly interrupted but one more week to go and having a ball! i have been so blessed to met yet another great bunch of ladies.

i have a new love – THE SEED STITCH!! in the past any time i saw a pattern that contained the seed stitch, i would pass it by. (again refer to the purling paragraph above) i just completed a pattern called ‘the evening shade vest’ in the fall 2011 issue of love of knitting magazine. it is knit from side to side on a bulky yarn and knits up very quickly. so now i have to dig out all those bypassed patterns with the seed stitch and try them out! it really has a lovely, unusual look, especially sideways! so now i’m re-thinking the whole ‘hating to purl’ thing but as i knit continental, i have found it flows very smoothly.

thursday, october 13 12:30 purl’n gurls – latrobe coffee bean
thursday, october 20 1:00 murrysville gang get together at raggz
thursday, october 27 12:30 purl’n gurls – latrobe coffee bean

October is national breast cancer awareness month. knit something lovely in pink and donate it to someone you know who is a cancer survivor or donate it to a hospital or cancer center! http://www.nbcam.org/

become addicted to felting:
4 classes held on consecutive thursdays beginning October 20th from 6 to 8 at my shop. 8 hrs of instruction and the cost of the class is $40; class size limited; materials needed given before class; kits will be made available for $15.

learn to knit socks finally!
3 classes to begin tuesday, october 18 at my shop from 6 to 8 pm. october 18, october 25, and november 8 (see below); 6 hrs of instruction and cost will be $40 per person plus your materials, which you are responsible for bringing.

class will cover basic sock construction: ribbed cuff, heal turn, foot length, and toe. Students should be comfortable with both the knit and purl stitches. Learn to interpret your knitting so you don’t get “lost” with where you are in your project. Class will meet for three 2-hour sessions with a week break between classes 2 & 3. This will give the student more time to complete the required knitting before learning how to finish the sock and complete the toe. Students should bring a set of 8-inch BAMBOO double pointed needles (size 1) and at least 415 yds of sock yarn. I recommend the bamboo needles because they are very light and therefore do not fall out of your project easily. If the student would rather make a “house sock” which is a coarser sock that is not really wearable with shoes, they can bring size 3 needles and worsted weight yarn. The house sock will knit up a lot faster because of the heavier yarn, bigger needles, and less stitches, but it is not nearly as nice as one made with the finer yarn on smaller needles. It is the choice of the student.
and FINALLY coming in november will be the first in a series of amazing stitches classes. stay tuned!
new yarns added this month: limited variety of mesh yarns for the ruffled scarves. next month i will be adding a large selection of crystal palace yarns.
i do not have regular hours as of yet but pop in to check my progress or call first to be sure.
“every artist was first an amateur.” ralph waldo emerson
toodles and happy knitting!

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