October 1, 2012

“if there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” – Winnie the Pooh

my friend debbie sent this saying to me upon hearing of the death of my beloved RaggZ yesterday.  just typing that sentence has me overcome with emotion all over again and i can hardly see through my tears.  a couple of weeks ago i could see that she was declining in various ways.  but ever hopeful that she would get through it, i am still in disbelief that she is gone.  my little bff brought us so many happy memories in the twelve years since she came to live with us from the pound.  
saturday when zach came home from virginia, she and i were out on the porch enjoying some nice weather and it was the first time i had seen her wag her tail in over a week and that was totally not like her.  i hated to call deni and tell her because she is coming home for a brief visit this wednesday and raggz was the one she wanted to see the most!  she was so upset that she hadn’t come home sooner to see her.  zach emailed me this morning to ask me how i was doing and he said every time he thinks of raggz he thinks of happiness.  that says it all.

now for a brief newsletter that i’m not really up to writing:

the crocodile stitch bootie class as well as the pagewood silk scarf class have been postponed to a later date.  sally has agreed to teach another 4 week sock class beginning this month.  details will be out within the week.

congratulations to kathy acita for winning this months prize – a beautifully-embroidered ‘love to knit’ dishtowel from town’s edge farm.  

october 4 and 18 – purl n girls latrobe coffee bean
october 16 and 30 – KA – 1 to 5
open every friday from 10 to 5 with the exception of october 26 when i will be in north carolina for the southeastern animal fiber festival 

recycled sari silk, banana fiber, hemp, nettle yarn and more from Darn Good Yarn; new closures and shawl pins from JUL.  also new to the gift shop are more of town’s edge farm’s 100% cotton knitting dishtowels.

MY FIRST SALE– gotta make room for more yarns i continue to discover!
this month 25% off cascade yarns bulky leisure (50% superfine alpaca, 50% pima cotton), pima silk (85% pima cotton 15% silk) , serendipity tweed (60% cotton 40% wool), and cotton fine (80% cotton 20% merino wool).  also 20% off all red heart yarns in stock.
also the sale basket in the entry way has doubled, so come check it out.

have a wonderful october and hope to see you soon.

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