may 3 2014

hey there!  what a busy couple of days i have had lately with my three beautiful children all here at the same time.  this blog will be short and sweet for that reason and also because my half brother, rich, is driving in from ohio today to visit for the weekend and also meet the kids for the first time.  for those of you who don’t know the story, i only found out i had a half brother in ohio and half sister in nebraska in 2011, just before my mother died.  it still seems weird to me.  rich and i keep in touch more than jackie and i but she works a lot and is busy as well.  so i’ll be sure to post a picture or two of all of us in the next newsletter.

anthony and deni both arrived on separate flights late tuesday night.  anthony heads back to oregon sunday afternoon and deni heads back to colorado tuesday afternoon, so the visit is short lived but better than nothing!

the other news on a personal/farm note is that we had premature twins born to black eyed susie last saturday (4/26).  unfortunately the mom just left them and zach found them after one little nanny had already died.  he came running in the house to tell me and i threw my car harts on, as i was dressed to go out to dinner in an hour, and went up and scooped the remaining live baby up.  she was so listless and cold it was pathetic.  we gave her the required subcutaneous shots of dextrose and B complex.  when they are hypothermic you do not feed them, as their bodies cannot process food.  we brought her home and put her in a warming box for a few hours, milked the colostrum out of the mom and when she awoke she was able to drink a little out of the bottle.  it was touch and go for the first couple of days but zach was home and he spent a lot of time with her, exercising her legs.  she was also born with no teeth which meant she is 10-17 days premature and was probably about 4 pounds.  a full term kid weighs approximately 7 pounds and has 8 teeth.

this is zach holding her when we first got her warmed up

now she is thriving, running the house, her teeth have come in and she is doing well.  she won’t go up on the farm for another week or two until she is good and strong and when the weather gets a little warmer, as now she is acclimated to the house temps.  i will put her in a stall with her mom just for the company and companionship but the mom will not take to her well most likely and will not let her nurse so we will be ‘stuck’ with the chore of bottle feeding for the next few months.  its tough at first because she needs to be fed every 4 hours right now.  oh well she is a little darling and i don’t mind.  zach is charged with naming her since if it wasn’t for him she would have died as well but as of today, he hasn’t given her a name.

deni,cristin, and aster at the shop with the baby

kay gets to hold baby

thanks to our little friend beth gray, the shop now has a cat.  its supposed to be temporary and i don’t know what gender it is, but it is friendly and has taken over the table.  he/she is laying on my calendar as i write this so eventually i will have to slide his/her big behind off of it so i can list upcoming events.  he was found at beth’s house so anyone knowing of anyone with a lost big orange and white house cat, please let me know.  i don’t really want a cat at this time but i don’t want him/her in a shelter.

i have just been approved by ravelry to be a LYS who sells ravelry patterns here at the shop!  i’m excited about that.  haven’t figured out the particulars but i will do that soon.

new yarns have arrived from pagewood farms including hand dyed velvet ribbons.  kim mcguire in her infinite wisdom made some gorgeous purses out of ellarae yarn – a very bulky wool that felts beautifully.  one skein did a nice sized purse.  so i ordered some of that as well and it is available here at the shop.  new colors of gina yarn have arrived as well.

pagewood fusion

pagewood hand dyed velvet ribbon with fat cat in the background

ok here is where i slide the cat off the calendar…..

may birthday wishes go out to melissa m on cinco de mayo (5/5), and sylvia e. on 5/14.  have a beautiful day ladies and come get your birthday certificate worth $5 off of your purchases.

saturdays 5/3 and 5/10:  craftique fiber art group  10-12
thursday 5/8:  purlin girls at the bean noon
monday 5/12:  greensburg fiber art meet up group at panera 2:00
thursday 5/15:  class 2 of 2 for the embellished sweater
NO KA tuesday 5/13*
shop open fridays from 10-6
*i will be in kentucky a couple of days that week to take a class on the felt loom

wednesday june 11th 10-3 (break for lunch)
where:  dotty westerveld’s (we can car pool)
cost of class includes pattern, pins, board, and warp thread
see website for details

remember to check out the other classes coming up including tunisian crochet, felt sheep, felt flowers, felt landscape, and ez peezie pin cushions!

that’s it for now ladies.  gotta run – everyone will be converging on me soon (happy happy joy joy!)
hope to see you soon!

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  1. I enjoyed spoiling your new baby girl yesterday – once in a lifetime experience for me! thank you!
    that velvet ribbon is scrumptious… would go really well as an additional embellishment on a sweater… đŸ˜‰

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