may 2012

every year for the last ten or so years, i recall thinking ‘wow its memorial day already – next will be 4th of july, then labor day.’  and darn if those three don’t come and go in the blink of an eye.  i am not a summer person so the quicker the better.  best part of summer for me used to be when the kids were out of school.  now it is reduced to hanging clothes on the line and picking fresh berries and vegetables from the garden.  but THAT’S IT.  
may also brings mother’s day.  for a lot of us, it brings fond memories of a mom who is no longer with us and i suppose no matter how much time passes, we still miss them.  so for those of you who are lucky enough to still enjoy mom’s company, relish these times because they are gone before you know it.  and for those of you who are moms, enjoy YOUR day.  “every day is mother’s day” has always been one of my favorite sayings.
may also brings maryland sheep and wool festival this weekend.  five of us are making the trip and we will share our adventures when we return.  for those of you who don’t want to make a 4 hr drive one way, try attending the waynesburg sheep and fiber festival.  its on a much smaller scale but gives you a taste of what they’re all about — shearing contests, sheep showing, yarn, patterns, and tons of roving in more colors than the rainbow!  waynesburg festival is may 19th and 20th. we may take a road trip to this one just for fun so if anyone wants to go, let me know.
there seems to be a renewed interest in needle felting going around… donna’s interest has re-kindled my interest as well!  i cannot do the wonderful things she is doing but will stick to simpler designs.  no zebras for me!  we will be having a class soon on a wet felted bowl of cherries and do some needle felting on the bowl, that will give us a taste of both wet felting and needle felting.
dates to remember:

saturday/sunday may 5 and 6 is maryland sheep and wool

purl ‘n gurls – thursdays may 3 and 17 at noon at the 
                latrobe coffee bean   
sunday, may 13   mother’s day
knitter’s anonymous – tuesdays, may 15 and 29 at 1 – 5
dolly llamas – thursday may 10 at 1 at panera in murrysville
               and wednesday may 23 at crafty shack (time to 
               be announced)
ligonier country market starts on saturday may 26 from 8-12
coming soon will be RaggZ & FriendZ grand opening, which i hoped to have this month; however, seems a few more things need to be done, so stay tuned.
the purl ‘n girls are working on a variety of projects, including baby sweaters, christmas stockings, scarves, afghans, and sweaters.  mary lowry was unofficially voted as their most prolific knitter with multiple projects finished every meeting. 

 above photo cathy peters with her green afghan and also modeling the vest monte made for her

              Eva (fresh from Germany) with her scarf

              paula, mary, and laura showing off!
the dolly llamas are working on purses, fingerless gloves, and one piece sweaters.  everyone is so busy.
the winner of april’s door prize is purl’n girls PAULA MASSA!  paula wins the susan bates gadget bag, a set of locking stitch markers, pink stitch holders, and a set of point protectors.  may’s prize of the month will be a set of bamboo double pointed needles.  winner chooses from sizes 10.5, 13, 15, or 17.
laura mcguire introduced us to some wonderful ladies making chemo caps for kids.  she brought these fine ladies to the purl ‘n girls gathering on may 3rd and they talked about their cause and the caps made out of eyelash type yarn.  the hats are meant for the young girls who have lost their hair.  these caps are more fun than the traditional caps and the young girls enjoy the funky look.  so anyone wanting to make a cap, let me know and i will forward the pattern or one can be picked up here at the shop.  they can be dropped off here as well to be given to laura to take to children’s hospital.  i am happy to make a donation of eyelash and fun fur type yarn for the caps so stop by, pick up a pattern and yarn and get started for this wonderful cause. thanks laura and friends!

          laura and friends with sample chemo caps

i have discovered a new line of yarn called Imperial Yarn located in oregon.  this company represents my sentiments about care and concern not only for animal husbandry but also for the environment.  from their brochure “…a long standing tradition of interwoven stock raising and mindful land stewardship.  we carefully manage our livestock in ways that enhance the environment, working closely with the soil and water conservation district as well as the national resource conservation service.”  my initial order may arrive late in may, if not early june.  i invite you to look at their products when you come to the shop.  they not only have wonderful yarns but patterns and kits as well.  they have a kit for a petal necklace which is really unique and pretty and i plan on offering a class on it.  if i get the kits in time, i will be scheduling a class for late may or early june.
there are some additional yarns from pagewood farms, including fuzzy puffs (yarn with small balls of fur attached), plumes (feathers attached to the yarn), and glitterati (thick thin hand dyed wool yarns embellished with fabric and ribbon) – ALL GORGEOUS AND FUNKY.
check out my new wind chimes made out of vintage and new knitting needles; also laura tepke’s felted alpaca gnome wine toppers in the gift shop.
on april 26th, i was fortunate to host a local knit group here at the shop.  it confirms my belief over and over that knitters are the best!!  the matriarch of the group, betsy (who has been knitting for over 60 years) mentors the ladies and teaches them techniques such as entrelac, fair aisle, and more.  betsy told me that the i cord used to be called the idiot cord! what a neat group of ladies and hope to see them on a regular basis.
i am learning how to do nuno felting.  for those of you who don’t know what it is, it is wet felting with silk fabric (sometimes lightweight cotton) and roving.  the combination of the two is stunning.  i hope to have a few projects done soon for show and tell and the possibility of a class for anyone interested.
i was reading some information of well known knitter elisabeth zimmerman, whom i just adore.  seems she and i have the same attitudes about knitting in general.  here are a few blurbs from her:  “knit your own way” (there is no right or wrong really); “experiment”; “its only yarn” (you can have a do over any time); and she also talks about knitting ‘bullies’ who say things have to be done a certain way.  if it works for you, then it works.  period!  

have a lovely May and hope to see each and every one of you sooner than later!
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