may 12, 2016

the hummingbirds have returned – it must be may!

the raggz fiber affair and wool market is over and a good time was had by all.  each of them expressed a desire to return to the next show which is scheduled for saturday, october 22 at the delmont fire hall.  thanks to each and every one of you who supported the vendors.  for some of them, it is the only way they can sell other than online and there’s nothing like seeing and feeling yarn and fiber in person.  some are also trying to support small farming operations and/or supplementing their income.  i have a few things i will do differently for the october show, such as better signage and perhaps adjusting the hours from 10 to 2 or 3 instead of 4.  but that’s not etched in stone just yet.  anyhow, thanks to the vendors who took a chance on me and to the customers who came and purchased!


~~~~UPCOMING CLASSES:::::::: (please see the classes tab on the website for complete details)~~~~~

saturday, may 21st dotty’s sensuous beaded ball

saturday, june 4 – magic loop 2 at a time

beginning knitting – tuesdays and/or saturdays


                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPCOMING EVENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


raggz spring/summer tea.  our second tea event will be held at the victorian lady of academy hill on sunday, june 26th from 1 to 4.  tickets are $30 and space is limited.  at this time, only about 8 tickets remain, so contact me to get one before they’re gone.  we had a great time at our christmas tea in december.  we will again have folks modeling the amazing things they have knitted, crocheted, or felted.  we will also be having a crazy hat contest.


youghiogheny yarns trunk show.  this is my very first trunk show and i’m excited about it!  it may be their first trunk show as well and i know keri fosbrink, the owner, is looking forward to it too!  keri is an amazing dyer and will showcase her unique yarns here at the shop on friday, july 8 and saturday july 9 during regular store hours.  keri’s yarn was a big hit at both the pittsburgh knit and crochet show as well as the raggz fiber festival.  i’m happy to support keri and her husband, todd, in this venture and am asking for your support too.  remember SHOP LOCAL!  it doesn’t get much more local than this!  there will be refreshments served both days and keri is planning some sort of contest or give away for this event.











september stash sale!  september 9 – 24.  remember this is your chance to get rid of YOUR stash and replace it with a raggz gift card.  the rule sheet and inventory form is up and ready to go.  remember, you will package and inventory your own stash and drop it off here at the shop between august 19 and 27th.  15% will be deducted from your total sales for handling and processing.  contact me for the forms and i can email them to you or you can pick them up in person at the shop.


tom and i took a sheep shearing class last weekend and i’m almost embarrassed to say i am a sheep shearing school dropout.  perhaps i should say TOM took the class, as he did shear two sheep but his face was all red and sweaty by the time he was finished and he couldn’t straighten up (it’s ok to laugh – i did).  oh i was there alright, but decided i couldn’t do it.  the sheep were a good size for starters – i was hoping for smaller versions.  there is definitely an art to this – must hold the sheep a certain way with your legs and one hand while the other hand is wielding a heavy, sharp set of shears.  trying to shear them and NOT cut them all the while they are wiggling around.  we were told we would most likely cut them but it ‘doesn’t hurt’ and not to cut off a penis or teat.  that did me in.  so i watched and helped the other students and did a lot of picking up the skirted yarn (the stuff you do NOT want) and putting it in a big bucket.  for those of you who know what ‘tags’ are, i have never in my life seen such huge ones (kind of disgusting).  i was just too nervous about cutting them, so i opted out.  so what i came away with was i’m happy to pay someone who knows what they’re doing.  our last shearer from ohio, who i was very pleased with, sheared on a stand with very high quality dog shears.  none of my animals were injured in the process.  so i figured that’s what i would do instead.  but once i started thinking about the cost of buying a shearing stand and a high quality pair of shears, i would just as soon pay her.  the catered lunch was the highlight of my day other than seeing the many newly-born lambs, including one born in a pen right next to us that very morning.  oh check out this pig!



the next thing on our farm agenda will be to extract honey from our hives.  a very sticky but sweet job!  so we will have honey for sale soon, as well as our amazing free-range, antibiotic free, hormone free eggs from our happy chickens.


finished knitting my Brickless shawl with done roving monochromatic gradient yarn and i really love it.  here’s a picture of it all done.



look at maryann’s granddaughters in their beautiful skirts she knitted for them with knitcol self striping yarn.  yarn and pattern are available at the shop!  great job maryann!


zach was home and stopped by the show


have a wonderful day everyone and hope to see you at the tea or the trunk show or at the shop!  yes tomorrow is friday the 13th but we don’t believe in that stuff, right?

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