maryland sheep and wool festival update

update on the maryland sheep and wool festival:  WE HAD A BALL!  it was quite a long day, leaving around ten to 5 in the morning and arriving home around 9:30 but you couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces.

here is a picture of laura and donna going in to the festival traveling very light:
it was pretty hot and sticky but for the most part we were too busy and deliriously happy and in awe of the wonderful things were were seeing to notice the heat.  when i see the creativity and imagination that these artists have, i feel like a total slug.  rovings and curly locks in more colors than you can imagine; spun yarns that are works of art and can be worn as is they are so beautiful; knitted sweaters, shawls, and scarves, and felted purses that i can’t even describe to you; plants; spinning, knitting, felting, and weaving equipment; lots of the nuno felted scarves and clothing that blew our minds; sheep and alpacas, good food, music and huge crowds (mostly women) and no one even gave you a dirty look if you stepped on their foot or banged into them with huge bags of yarn or roving.  there was a lot of that going on with the crowds.  no kidding – we all noticed that everyone was in such a good mood – who wouldn’t be in a good mood in fiber heaven?
here is me and donna after loading our loot into my car.  notice the look on donna’s face.  i was finally able to take my shoes off and rest my poor toes.
if you’ve never been there, make plans for next year.  it was a scant 3.5 hr drive and worth every second.  and remember that on a much smaller scale, waynesburg’s fiber festival is may 19 and 20.  
toodles ladies – off to play with my new stash….
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