june 18, 2013

oh my gosh i just realized it is the 18th and i hadnt sent this out yet!  i guess i must be having fun, eh?
last sunday tom and i ventured out to look at a mother/daughter pair of boar goats to purchase.  we ended up purchasing the mother, daughter from last year, and daughter from this year.  we pick them up this sunday.  this young farm couple had everything from goats to cows to guinea hens to rabbits, ducks, chickens, turkeys…..  i thought i was busy!  anyhow we brought a couple of guinea peeps home that day.  we purchased six and when tom went to put them up in the barn in the peep pen, he came back and said ‘how many did we buy?’  i answered six.  he said he thought she miscounted because there were only five.  then we said ‘uh oh’ better look in the car because i was pretty sure there were indeed six in the box.  we looked under everything hoping the little guy didnt escape and then die in the car (that would smell good).  no peep.  tom looked in the ranger, and lo and behold there was the little thing sitting on the front seat like it was being chauffeured around.  funny!  i took some pictures of the cows too and will share one with you.  this particular heifer wanted to lick my phone for some reason:

cathy rosensteel, rhonda pegg, and i went to lawrenceville two saturdays ago to take a shibori class from amber coppings.  it was interesting to learn this ancient japanese art of dying and texture.  we only learned a little in the few hours we spent there and got to stitch up some fabrics with different techniques then put them into a dye bath.  the stitches cause different designs in the fabric when they are pulled very tight, thus not allowing the dye to come through.  sort of like tie-dying but a little more complicated.  

last monday, i did a program at seton hill adult day care making felted balls for necklaces.  the ladies (and one man) seemed to enjoy it but as usual, it was more difficult than i had anticipated and some of the balls were a bit wonky but once we put them on the strings, they looked very pretty.  check it out:

dates to remember:

wednesday june 19 6:00 close knit girls (lisa s.’s house)
tuesday, june 25 1:00-7:00 KA (shop)
thursday, June 27 noon purlin girls (bean)
thursday, june 27 1:00 dolly llamas (panera murrysville)
fridays open 10-6
remember – the twin lakes art festival is coming!  july 4-7
upcoming classes:
i apologize for the delay but i am working on some classes to start in august.  they include but not limited to:
– life is.. a bowl of cherries class
– spiral necklace
– basic needle felting
still working on the dates so keep an eye on the website.
for those of you who don’t know, there will be a fundraiser held for donna on saturday july 27 at ligonier beach.  the event runs from noon to 6.  tickets cost $15 and includes swimming and live music.  there will be a chinese auction and donna is looking for donations of gift baskets.  if anyone would like to donate to this event, please contact donna or myself.  donna’s email is byrd1961@icloud.com. as donna told me, she feels blessed to have been able to be part of the study for her ‘designer’ drug which has worked like a charm for her and she wants to give back to the Hillman Center for their cancer research.  i believe part of the proceeds will go to donna herself for continued care.  details later but mark your calendar.  donna is doing a lot of this work herself, which she probably should not be doing… 
i plan on being closed the entire month of july as i will be driving cross country making stops in colorado to see my darling daughter, utah to perhaps go whitewater rafting again, california to see the redwood forests, oregon to see anthony, and who knows where else my wheels will take me.
hope to see you all before i leave!
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