july 15, 2014

hey everyone!  i don’t know about you, but this summer has been tolerable for me with the cooler temps.  i was just sitting out back and had to come inside because it was too chilly!  when was the last time THAT happened in mid july?  you won’t find me complaining tho.

i hate it when people say these kind of things, so pardon me for saying it — in five short months it will be christmas again.  this is actually a good time to be working on gifts.  some of the ladies are already doing that to avoid any rush or knitting anxiety later in the year.
i am looking forward to getting back to Ligonier Country Market August 2nd.  stop out and say hi if you’re in the area.  my usual space has opened up to a corner space this year, with the addition of a new walkway, so i am trying to figure out just how i will set my booth up.  i’m not used to having a corner and am not sure how i will go about maximizing two sides for display.  if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  needless to say, i’ve been crazy busy lately trying to felt some new things, such as more baby booties, lampshades, cowls, jelly rolls…  


TWINS!  one of our nubians, violet, birthed twins on sunday july 6.  this is very late for her to be kidding but sometimes nature gives us a surprise.  we figured she was pregnant because she was getting so big but we’ve been saying for months now that she looked like she would burst any day and nothing happened.  i had decided to go up and brush the goats that day and take my knitting and sit and knit with the critters.  when i arrived, i realized there was a kid laying by her so of course i took my chair over for a front row seat.  assuming she would have multiple births due to the fact that she looked like the side of the barn, i waited patiently and knitted, trying to keep the chickens from pecking at my yarn.


ANYHOO, lo and behold she began having contractions.  i’ll have to explain in person the details but eventually she crowned another kid only this time only one hoof was out and they are to come out with both hooves first.  UH OH  i was there all by myself and trying not to panic and just wait it out.  when it was apparent the kid was sort of stuck, i was forced to put down my knitting and help her.  it was so amazing!  i can’t tell you how exciting that was to see it all and be involved in the process.  
turns out she had identical twins, which has never happened to us before.  both boys, both a gorgeous light brown.  mind you both parents are black as night, just like both of clarice’s parents.  go figure
still wet from being born
they were both big and nursing and up and around and it was very exciting.  unfortunately the next day one of the boys died and we don’t know why.  so now we have one beautiful brown boy, yet to be named but he is thriving, playing, jumping, and doing very well.
here he is just the other day
yes he is absolutely adorable, but clarice is still the fairest one of all!
she still holds a special place in all of our hearts and is sweet as pie
other than that, the only thing new at the shop is some new fibers from frabjous fibers.  beautiful hand dyed colors perfect for spinning, wet felting, or needle felting.
he thinks he paid for it
JULY BIRTHDAY WISHES go out to kim m (7/17), deb h (7/22), susan o (7/23), lisa w (7/25), and carol h (7/28).  don’t make me tell you AGAIN to come get your birthday certificate!!


saturdays 7/29 and 26 – craftique fiber art group meets at craftique in greensburg at 10
tuesday 7/22 – KA – shop open 1-6
wednesday 7/23 – final sheep class 1-3
thursday 7/24 – fimo button class (see description below or on website)
thursday 7/24 – purlin girls meet at the bean at noon
fridays SHOP OPEN 10-6
DONNA’S 2nd annual fundraiser will be held at ligonier beach again this year on saturday, august 16 from noon to 7.  make plans to attend.  she and her family are looking for basket donations, so please donate to make this fundraiser another success for our favorite little lady!


fimo buttons

thursday, july 24 from 11-1
instructor:  maia olivenstein
$20  includes black/white but bring some 
clay of your own to spice things up
still one or two spots left but it’s filling up fast!

tuesday, august 19 from 1-3
instructor:  sylvia elliott 
$30 includes all materials
crocheted mandala
tuesday, september 16 1-3

instructor:  pat kintigh
pat will teach us how to do this beautiful,
colorful crocheted mandala and you only 
need to know how to do single and
double crochet!  this class is half full
already as well so hurry if you want a
space in it!


the first three classes for the felted sheep have been completed and next week the ladies will return with their felted sheep ready to fluff them up with a curly do.  pictures when they’re all done.
donna showing off her headless sheep
katy doran is the only student so far to have completed her embellished sweater, taught by nancy premoshis.  kudos to katy.  how far along are the rest of you?  hmmmm????  i have my squares blocked and am working on the bottom striped section.  when/if you complete yours, please send photos.
here’s katy hamming it up showing off her beautiful sweater
the first annual pittsburgh creative arts festival is coming up august 22 and 23 at the 4 points sheraton in mars.  check out their website at pittsburgh creative arts festival
time to sign off.  i hope everyone’s summer is going nicely and hope to see you all very soon!
maia, her daughter in law sara, and her gorgeous granddaughter, PENELOPE!
carolyn krudwig showing off a beautiful drop stitch shawl made from berocco Captiva
zentangle guru, sylvia elliott, was first to buy a cup of  coffee with homemade whipped cream and sprinkles!
six point tee pattern knitted in pagewood farms swagger light
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