July 1, 2012

the berries are ripe and the cherry bombs are blasting so it must be july.  are your dogs cowering in the corner too?  i lost my dear cat this past week so i’ve been feeling a little melancholy, so please forgive.

as i sit writing this new post, i am furious with my computer.  i try to stay ahead of the game by writing, saving, updating, and saving my newsletter during the previous month, which i kept up with the entire month of june.  just as i was getting ready to post, i lost the entire thing, so here i am writing from memory .  so here goes…

five more chemo caps were donated by wonderful paula massa, monte peters, and carole moyer.  thanks ladies for your generosity.

this month’s prize winner is diane mogul.  congrats diane – you won a hiya hiya needle case.

june’s friday classes – the drop stitch shawl and maia’s not your usual necklace class were loads of fun.  check out the pictures below.  shawl pictures will be posted at a later date, because sally and i were the only ones who finished and i don’t have pictures yet.

july’s schedule of events:
purl’n gurls:  thursdays july 12 and 26 at the bean
dolly llamas:  thursday july 5 at maia’s and thursday july 19 at raggz
KA:  tuesdays july 10 and july 24 at raggz
friday july 27 from 6 to 8 there will be an art exhibit at the greensburg library called ‘nothing could be fine’ featuring our own cathy rosensteel (pictured above in the white tee).  cathy is actively involved in the greensburg art center and is an avid painter in addition to her other talents.  light refreshments will be served so try to stop in.
store open every friday from 10 to 5

check out this picture of some of the friendz working on their feza shawls:  notice donna’s lovely needle felted zebra purse in the forefront.

well you can’t say i’m not doing my part to keep the economy up and running!  loads of new beautiful yarns arrived this month including:  handspun yarns by textile artist jennifer gallentine of willow mist acres, a local farm in normalville (yes normalville is a real town).  just want til you see some of her work.  she can be found at ligonier country market on saturdays as well as on etsy.  check out some of her beautiful yarns.  obviously this photo doesn’t do her work justice so check it out in person!

also new is beautiful wool yarns from imperial stock ranch in oregon.  imperial stock ranch carefully manages their livestock in ways that enhance the environment.  they harvest the soft, versatile wool from a flock of columbia sheep and transform this natural renewable resource into a wide selection of fibers and yarns.  their wool is custom milled without harsh chemicals or extreme temps, leaving it comfortable, soft, and pure.  as soon as i received my first shipment, i whipped up this shawl out of their native twist yarn (a soft spun 1 ply yarn):

as i said above, i am doing my part to make the economy more healthy (at least the wool/textile end of it) by adding yarns from jojoland (including some delightfully soft 100% cashmere), lana de grossa,
and scrumptious (that’s the name of it) — a 4 ply sport yarn consisting of 45% silk and 55% super wash wool.    also new colors of feza alp dazzle, premiere, and oriental.  feza has a line called ‘exquisite’ which i was able to secure a few bags of.  it is a limited edition yarn similar to premiere but more monochromatic and made of higher end fibers including cashmere and alpaca.  some new colors have arrived from pagewood in their paparazzi, glitterati, and silk ribbons; and last but not least i have added some lantern moon shawl pins.  (phew) enough already!

now, what’s new at the gift shop?  some lovingly hand crocheted baby blankets and sweaters by eugenia ship; wrist cuffs from sue hrubes; handmade shawl stix; and our own cherry hollow farms raw honey.

as of this date, i don’t have any classes scheduled for july with everyone so busy with vacations and all but i will keep you posted.  upcoming classes include felted sheep, wet felting a bowl of cherries, and possibly a floofy skirt class by yarns in the farms.

oh hey one last point for those of you who are allergic to wool.  i have been researching this subject because i have recently purchased a lot of super wash wool (cascade and jojoland).  the yarn rep told me that super wash doesn’t bother people with a wool allergy.  my research has found that most people who think they are allergic to wool are actually allergic to lanolin and will have a reaction to anything with lanolin in it, such as creams.  super wash really is supposed to be safe for these folks because the extra processing this fiber takes to become washable takes out the lanolin.  so who wants to be the guinea pig?  cathy p??

well as far as i know, i retrieved at least most of the information from my brain (or as much as i am able to) so i will bid you all adieu for now.  happy july and happy knitting everyone!

quote for this month:  i find it helpful to organize chores into categories:  things i won’t do now, things i won’t do later, things i’ll never do…..

raggz & friendz

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