Giving Thanks

thanksgiving day is creeping up pretty quickly and we’re all getting ready figuring out what our menus will be — well at least i am — probably most of you have things accomplished already.  i thought i would send out a quick newsletter to wish you all a happy thanksgiving and to say that one of the things (among many, many others) i am thankful for are the friendships made through our love of knitting.  and what friends we have become – not just acquaintenances but genuine friends, here for each other through various events in our lives – good and bad.  speaking for myself, you were here for me during my mother’s illness/death, the time when tom and i were separated, the death of my various pets and farm animals, sharing your love of the bible and helping me to learn how to study, venturing out in all kinds of weather to sit and knit with me at the shop so i wouldnt be there alone, birthdays, emotional support, etc – too many things to list but all stashed away in a room in my heart to stay there always. i feel i have been blessed with a most wonderful life – i wonder why i deserve it but i know i am lucky and very appreciative.  so thank you all for being included and wish you all a thanksgiving full of love.

update on the donna shawl.  well, the donna shawl has turned into the donna blanket!  we were able to present it to her thursday at the bean, at the purlin girls gathering. check out the pictures below of the gifting.
hard to tell by the photos how beautiful it turned out.  when i was handed the strips of knitting so that eugenia and i could put it all together, my first thought was ‘oh no how gawdy’ because i am not a very color oriented person and i thought all the colors together in the bag were not very pretty; HOWEVER, when eugenia and i were crocheting the individual strips together and i looked over at the pieces eugenia had already completed and it was in her lap, it struck me as one of the prettiest things i had ever seen!  it went together like it was meant to be and is representative of our individuality but when we come together, how beautiful it can be!
the open house at the mock’s was a sensation!  they were so busy friday, they could hardly keep up and needed another receipt book!!  thanks to all of you who attended and helped make ‘the work of our hands’ successful and a HUGE thanks to jim, ardis, and alison mock who willingly did all the work and opened up their home to host this wonderful event.  we’re hoping to make it an annual event but at the suggestion of one of the artists (and to the mock’s relief), we may do a round robin where its at someone else’s house each year.
remember today is my pre-black friday sale – 10% off everything in the store excluding gift shop items.  so this includes yarn, accessories, patterns, clearance yarns AND you can still use your birthday certificates!  wooohooo
reminder:  the greensburg art center snowflake showcase runs from their opening on sunday, nov 18 through december 22!  try to visit their shop and support local artists.
also in murrysville, the log cabin christmas market will be held for two weekends only – nov 23, 24, and 25 and november 30, dec 1, and 2 from 10 to 5.  another way to support local starving artists.  lots of beautiful handmade items at both shows.
signing off for now.  try not to eat too much!

RaggZ & FriendZ
knitting forever, housework whenever!!!
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