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some summer, huh?  all this rain has made a mess at the farm.  not enough dry days in a row to mow the fields and bale hay, mud everywhere…  the goats hate it.  doesn’t seem to bother the sheep and cattle.  and today is only in the 60’s.  oh well, i guess that’s life in… Continue Reading


just updated the classes page finally.  we have nice line-up.  check it out!   and note i finally nailed down the days for this year’s stash sale.  it will be from june 16 through july 7.  THREE weeks to shop other people’s stash!  you can start bringing your stuff in now – same rules apply… Continue Reading


BIG NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU DYERS OUT THERE —  i am happy to bring Natalie Redding to the ‘burgh to teach a dyeing class.  most people know who Natalie is but for those of you who don’t, check out her Facebook page:         natalie is known world wide for her amazing… Continue Reading


THREE MORE DAYS till the RaggZ fiber affair and wool market!  i am so excited for this show – well i am for every show but i’m excited to have SIX brand new vendors.  a complete list is on our Facebook page  as well as our website there will be food, tons of… Continue Reading


OPENING DAY is less than a week.  i’ve been so busy rearranging the shop, stocking new inventory, bombing a bike, painting, etc., i’ve hardly had time for anything else.  suffice it to say, i’m looking very much forward to getting back into the swing of things and maintain regular hours again which will be tuesdays… Continue Reading


hey everyone!  its birthing season on the farm and so far Clarice had twin girls and Daffodil had a fairly large boy.  they are just adorable and snuggly.  Clarice’s twins visited us at the shop on my last play date.  loads of pictures were taken but i havent seen any of them as of yet.… Continue Reading


happy spring!  hard to believe we are experiencing such warm weather and it’s so enjoyable.  however, we all know we will pay the price this summer — more bugs, more ticks, more fleas, etc…..  the other drawback for me personally is that i have not been able to tap my maple trees this year.  it… Continue Reading


2017 has arrived!  my own personal 2016 went out like a lion with having to put down two of my critters in the same week.  my 8 month old billy goat (angelo) was foaming at the mouth on christmas morning.  according to the vet, he had listeriosis which is almost always fatal.  we frantically tried… Continue Reading


my first Mingle & Jingle open house was really fun.  despite all the ice we had saturday morning, the open house/christmas party/last minute shopping event was well attended.  i was considering cancelling or postponing the event due to the ice but it warmed up enough to melt the parking lot and walkway.  add to that… Continue Reading


thanksgiving is over and christmas is quickly approaching.  where DOES the time go?  even though there’s less than a month, there is still plenty of time to finish up last minute gifts (even ones that need to be shipped across the country).  i am speaking from experience here.  not like i don’t know christmas is… Continue Reading