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happy november, folks!

SO much going on this time of year for us all. this blog will be a brief one, as i’m currently heading out the door to set the venue up for the work of our hands artist market tomorrow from 10 to 7 at the lamplighter restaurant in delmont. it’s not like i didn’t know all year long that the show was november 3rd but for some reason, my MO is to wait until the last minute and that also seems to be when creative ideas flow into my brain. yesterday i was pretty stressed out (just ask my husband) but today i have decided to go with the flow and whatever it will be it will be. (wasn’t there a song like that sung by doris day??)

so i got into doing some eco-dyeing and making a few felted wall hangings. i’m sure it will be a fun time – it always is. so if you have time tomorrow, and live in the area, stop by. it is literally ALL day to accommodate working folks and i guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 32 local artists – every single thing made by our hands! paper, quilting, jewelry, wood, pottery, knit/crochet, fiber, paintings, and much more. hope to see you – stop by and say hello if you can!

so a brief reminder that in november we have the following events (explained in more detail on the classes/events page of this website):
11/9 feltLOOM play date 1-3
11/10 potluck
11/12 eco-dyeing 11-2
11/17 lularoe party (proceeds benefit my friend michelle jones-newborn who suffers with
chiaria malformation)
11/18 wet blocking 2-4
11/19 beaded shawl class 2 of 2

december will bring:
12/2 spin in and potluck
12/3 crochet with wire and beads 1-4
12/3 shibori dyeing (time to be announced as well as details)

other events are being planned for december but not nailed down as of yet.

that’s it for now. thanks for your continued support!


this is such a busy time of year for us all.  for me, i have a bunch of classes scheduled, and as everyone is scrambling to make things for the holidays, the classes have been well attended.  i also have two shows coming up, as most of you know. the first is raggz fiber affair… Continue Reading


well, fall is here not only on the calendar but weather-wise!  i LOVE fall – cool, crisp air and the perfect time to cuddle up with your knitting and start thinking about those presents you want to make for your friends and family!  some of you over achievers out there have been making presents all… Continue Reading


everyone is saying how quickly summer has faded but personally, i think summer did an about face!  i LOVE fall but i also love the transition into fall.  i’ve had to dig out sweatpants and turtlenecks and turn the heat on at the shop to keep my ladies’ fingers from freezing to their needles!  but… Continue Reading

august 27 2017

thanks everyone for your support during the steel valley yarn crawl.  it was another successful year.  next year will be our fifth event!  so we are planning some special things to commemorate it.  right now it’s all in the works, so it will be hush hush until the details are worked out.  i know i… Continue Reading


this year’s yarn crawl has been even busier than the last two years!  what an amazingly fun time i’ve been having.  such wonderful folks, not too many complaints about finding me, and an overall upbeat fun attitude!  it’s always a little scary thinking about ten days in a row but now that day three is… Continue Reading


YARN CRAWL COUNTDOWN:  THREE DAYS AND COUNTING!   remember the crawl runs from friday, july 28 through and including sunday, august 6.  my hours are as follows: friday 7/28  10-6 saturday 7/29  10-5 sunday 7/30    noon -4 monday 7/31   10-5 tuesday 8/1    10-5 wednesday 8/2    10-5 thursday 8/3     10-5… Continue Reading


such a busy time of year and so many fun things coming up!  some of you know i have a new kitten (temporarily — if my heart can stand to part with him).  two weekends ago i was wet felting my final octopus out on my back deck and i thought i kept hearing a… Continue Reading


some summer, huh?  all this rain has made a mess at the farm.  not enough dry days in a row to mow the fields and bale hay, mud everywhere…  the goats hate it.  doesn’t seem to bother the sheep and cattle.  and today is only in the 60’s.  oh well, i guess that’s life in… Continue Reading


just updated the classes page finally.  we have nice line-up.  check it out!   and note i finally nailed down the days for this year’s stash sale.  it will be from june 16 through july 7.  THREE weeks to shop other people’s stash!  you can start bringing your stuff in now – same rules apply… Continue Reading