hello friends!  wanted to write up a quick update which i will keep it brief, as i am feeling quite melancholy right now.  we had a little boy lamb born two days ago who died in my arms about three hours ago and i just cant shake the sadness yet.  it happens.  i am a farmer.  i know this.  sometimes that they just cant seem to nurse correctly.  her udder was full but he just never caught on to latching on to her teat.  he would be in the general vicinity but just didn’t get it.  we trimmed the hair on her legs and udder to keep them from ‘tricking’ him and the only way he would actually nurse from her was if i put the teat in his mouth and squeezed some milk to get him started.  then he would drink but when left unattended, he wasn’t able to figure it out.  and his mamma (deezle) was very loving and patient with him but there’s only so much she can do to help.

babies get hypothermia easily when not fed within a few hours of birth.  their stores of ‘brown fat’ keep them going but depending on their size, the weather, etc. it only lasts a short while.  so we brought him home, put him in a warming box which gets his body temperature up enough to be able to digest.  you do not feed an animal with hypothermia until they are sufficiently warmed.  they also need a shot of B complex and subcutaneous shots of 5% dextrose solution as well.  once they perk up, you can feed them.  deezle let us milk her willingly even though she was highly upset that we took the baby.  after warming up, he drank a couple of ounces out of the bottle and was eventually able to stand and move around a bit.  we kept him in the house overnight and he seemed to be strong enough so we took him back up to mum yesterday.  again, having to help him drink from her.  but drink he did – a LOT – so i felt that he would probably get it.  helped him a couple of times during the day yesterday and said a prayer he would be ok overnight and my hope was that i would go up to the barn this morning and find the two of them snug as a bug in a rug.

not so.  i found him lying by himself, not moving, and not able to stand when i helped him up.  well i still had chores to do so i tucked him away in my coveralls while i hastily finished up and brought him back into the house.  i knew this wasn’t good.  my gut is usually right.  i held him on my lap with a heating pad, turning him every so often for circulation but somehow i knew it was temporary.  after an hour or two, he wriggled a bit and sighed once or twice.  that was it.

nature takes its course sometimes when perhaps things aren’t quite right.  he was full sized so that wasn’t the issue.  but he did have a few signs that he was different.  and he didn’t waggle his tail when drinking, which they always do.  we wondered about this when he was nursing from her and i knew for sure he was drinking and swallowing.  so perhaps there were other things wrong with him too.  only God knows.  but you just never get used to death.  i hate it and it makes me angry and cry but overall there’s nothing one can do about it.  you always wonder if you missed something or what else could you have done to prevent this.

you didn’t expect a lecture of farm life, did you?  i apologize.  i will move on.

So last saturday’s chubby knitters lunch was a ton of fun.  what would i do without my friends?  25 of us swarmed chef dato’s table in derry like a bunch of honeybees.  if you’ve never been to this gem, please visit them.  i believe on thursdays they showcase food from a different country!  show and tell and raffle prices and lots of talking and laughing ensued.  our next chubby knitters club will meet saturday march 3, weather permitting of course.  sorry i havent chosen a spot yet but my mind isnt cooperating right now.  i’ll post it on FB and here on the website soon.  please try to join us.  no strings attached!

as i mentioned last time, we are working on this year’s steel valley yarn crawl.  it will be held from august 3 through august 12.  there are TWO new stores this year!  mcwagner’s in millvale (opening in march) and the ross farm in washington, pa.  so this year there will be ten stores instead of eleven.  lots of good stuff being discussed!

my next play date is saturday, february 17 from 10-3.  you know the drill.  everyone’s invited.  if you want to bring food, be my guest but it’s not mandatory.  we always have a good time during play dates and the shop is open as well.

my unannounced surprise will remain as such for a little while longer.  i’m almost ready to make this announcement but am going to do so with a contest of sorts.  i will post it here and on my facebook page as well, so stay tuned.  i’m very excited about this, as i have been working on it for about a month now.

remember, you can now purchase items from the shop online at raggzfiberart.fibercrafty.com    i have listed a limited number of things including malabrigo rasta, since this is the time of year for knitting soft, thick snuggly things.  more to come as time allows.

that’s all folks!



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august 27 2017

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