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happy summer crazy knitters

as you all know, the past few weeks have been trying for me but things are gliding along a little more smoothly now. i appreciate all your thoughts and prayers and well wishes.

the button class ended up being postponed so i am hoping to be able to schedule another class with laura at the crafty shack within the next month or two. i personally am excited to make my own buttons. i will keep you posted when the next available time will be.

ligonier is in full swing and it does my heart good to see so many of you beebopping around taking advantage of the outstanding food and enjoying the work of many talented artists.  i have been having a wonderful time myself!

i have decided to hold some ‘five dollar’ classes. nothing earth shattering – just some more advanced stitches that are handy to know. i will call them ‘amazing stitches’. some examples of things we will learn provisional cast on and picot cast on; how to make bumps and bobbles; different ways to increase and decrease; two versions of double i cords for handles, and much more. details to come when things settle down with my mom.
try to keep an open mind with your knitting – especially you beginners.  try new knitting patterns – never stop learning and get into a rut. almost every pattern will have something to teach you. for example, after 27 years of knitting, i finally learned the provisional cast on and i love it. i made a conscious decision this year to knit out of my comfort zone and learn some new things and i have kept my promise to myself. for example, i have learned not only the provisional cast on but the picot cast on, and two types of double i-cords. (i know there were a few more things i learned but it’s 3:32 in the morning and they have escaped me at the moment) there were only two things on my list i havent learned yet – how to knit with wire and the mobius cast on – and i intend to do it before 2011 is over.

dates to remember
august 11 12:30 latrobe gang coffee bean
august 11 1:00 murrysville posse at eugenia’s
august 25 12:30 latrobe gang meets at cathy peters’ house – directions to follow in an email closer to the date
my pet peeve of the month: the teeny tiny printing on the labels of yarn… even WITH my glasses on i can sometimes not read the yardage or content! freebie patterns as well sometimes have printing so small that i dont even want to attempt to read them.
we are still planning a day trip to a yarn shop or two in the fall, so anyone with ideas, please share.

“the only place where housework comes before knitting is in the dictionary.” –m. kurtz
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