August 2, 2014

Hola everyone!  This blog is a little late, but it has been a very busy week for me.  To begin with, today was my first day back at Ligonier Country Market and what a blast it was.  I seriously debated whether to go or not because I really didn’t feel I had much to take, seeing as I didn’t want to take any heavier wintry knitted or felted items.  That didn’t leave much, but since I said I would be there, I went.  Soooo very glad I did.  I got so see my fellow vendors and past customers I haven’t seen since last year.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and to Laurel who brought me a scone (I’m saving it for my coffee in the morning).

July was kind of a sad month for us here on the farm, as we lost five goats including my Portulaca.  I admit I cried pretty hard when she passed but some of the others aren’t as personable and you don’t get as close to them.  After the vet came and looked at them, it was decided they probably have something called leptosporosa, which is a parasite the deer carry.  It doesn’t affect sheep but is detrimental to goats.  She said it has been very bad this year and a lot of farms have been losing goats.  They all got treated for various things and will be inoculated for lepto shortly.  I won’t go into detail about the rest of it but suffice it to say everyone seems to be doing well now.  We have to get into a pattern of rotating our fields to insure that any parasites will not be ingested and when there is no host, they die off and in 21-28 days, they die off and the field is safe again.  This means we have to fence in yet another pasture for this rotation.

Next time you stop in, take a peek out on the back porch,  it is all painted, new lights installed, and ready to be enjoyed by all.  I have also been working diligently on the basement at the shop.  My kiln is being re-wired, my Felt LOOM will be delivered August 21 or 22, and I am planning on having a cute little clay / felt studio there.  Poor Tom – I have a honey-do list as long as my arm for him.  New wiring, new lighting, drainage at the cellar door, several things needing to be removed from the basement…  luckily Zach is still here and we put him to work painting and digging ditches.  It’s always nice to have yung’ns (?) around for cheap labor.  He heads back Tuesday or Wednesday though so our free help will be gone soon.

I am very excited about MaryAnn Wolfe’s granddaughters visiting from Paris.  They are both very fond of animals, especially the youngest, and she is planning on bringing them up to see the animals.  I am going to surprise the girls and let them name Violet’s gorgeous little boy.  I can’t wait to hear what they come up with but I will let you all know.


Unique adorable fimo buttons made in Utah – not just for kids!

hiya hiya sharps in size 17 and 19

Last but not least, new rovings from Frabjous Fibers in BFL sparkle.  GORGEOUS!

Remember to purchase your Ravelry patterns from Raggz and get 10% off!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO  Pat K (8/7) and Thea (8/9).  pick up your gift certificates this month!


Saturdays – Craftique Fiber Group at Craftique 10-12
Thursday, 8/7 Purlin Girls meet at the Bean at noon
Tuesday, 8/12 Knitters Anonymous 1-6
Wednesday, 8/13 Close Knit girls meet at Panera 6-8
Saturday, 8/16 at Ligonier Beach is Donna’s 2nd Annual Fundraiser
Fridays shop open 10-6


Zentangle Tuesday 8/19 from 1:30-3:30.  Cost $30 – Sylvia Elliott instructor

Mandala Tuesday 9/16 from 1:30 to 3:30.  Cost $30 – Pat Kintigh instructor

Felt fabric flower  Wednesday 9/24.  Time/Cost yet to be determined – Christine Clarke instructor

*see website for details

I have plans for loads of classes coming up beginning in September.  At this juncture, however, I haven’t had time to get them all scheduled, so I may be sending out an addendum to this blog in the next week or so with the schedule.  Some of the classes will be:  arm knitting, color class, felt landscapes, felt self portrait, felt pumpkins and acorns, knitting tips and tricks, and much, much more!  I promise to get them scheduled within the next week or so.

AND DON’T FORGET the first annual Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival is Friday and Saturday, August 22 and 23 at the Four Points Sheraton.  Lots of classes, make it and take it demo’s and great juried vendors.  I will be teaching a class there Friday 8/22, so the shop will be closed that day.

Don’t forget about Donna’s Fundraiser August 16 at Ligonier Beach!  By the way, her son got married today!


just some of the buttons made at maia’s fimo button class
crazy goats trying to reach leaves on a tree.

Ardis and Ali – you happy now?

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