april fools day 2014

not only are buds sprouting, but our flock continues to sprout as well.  our newest kid was born march 29th on zachary’s 30th birthday, so in his honor, her name is zinnia.   daffodil (aka daffy) is the mom, a goofy little tricolor, who’s name suits her to a tee. dougie is her dad, a full blooded alpine with very long hair so black its almost purple!  she is our first nanny and her hair is black like daddy’s.

 the other three kids born this year were all billies; both lambs were girls.  we think we only have one more nanny to go then we’re done for this year. 

the little billy here tom named sluggo because he’s so big!  boer goats are meat goats and are therefore much stockier.  he most likely weighed about ten pounds when born and has grown quickly.  although he’s only two weeks older than the twins (below), he towers over them!


the two billies to the right are portulaca’s twin boys.  average birth weight is 7 pounds but they pale in comparison to sluggo.  haven’t named these two as of yet.  portulaca is carmel colored, dad is dougie again but somehow she had a white one and a tricolor.

so i really do believe spring has actually sprung!  babies are born, crocuses are blooming, daffodil leaves are pushing up through the soil, maple syrup is all done, birds are singing, stink bugs are out (ugh).  i cooked up only 33 gallons of sap this year due to the erratic weather we had.  it has to be above freezing in the daytime and below freezing during the night for the sap to flow.  well it would flow for a few days then get bitter cold.  flow a few more days and get bitter cold.  i collected ten gallons early on but then nothing for a couple of weeks and sap goes bad after two weeks and it had to be dumped.  oh well at least i got just under a half gallon.  not bad for 9.5 hrs cooking time and weeks of trudging out to check the buckets and put empties out.  monte calculated it only cost about $50 a quart.  



feza yarns for starters.  i received some new colors in the alp premiere and alp dazzle, as well as candy deluxe, silk, ribbons, tokyo to name a few.  

i have also added frabjous fibers (roving and recycled sari ribbons) to the shop.

just arrived are some kauni yarns in everybody’s favorite rainbow color way.  

before i forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES GO OUT TO:    lisa s 4/3;  susan b 4/4;  erin c 4/5; and our own purlin girls guru monte p. on 4/5!!!  have a sweet day ladies!  come to the shop to get your $5 off any purchase!

the ‘real’ monte


wow classes have been going great here at RaggZ.  connie and her friends had a private birthday party here making the felted lights.  the ladies did a great job and what a fun way to celebrate a friend’s birthday – a private class, then lunch at a favorite restaurant!

nancy’s finishing class went very well, as did part one of the felted cuff class.


wednesday  4/2 nancy’s finishing class (room for one more student)*
wednesday 4/2 close knit girls meet in murrysville 4-6
tuesday 4/8 shop open 1-6
thursday  4/10 embellishment sweater class (room for one more in a.m. and p.m. class)*
thursday 4/10 purlin girls meet at the bean at noon
tuesday 4/15 and 4/29 EZ peezie pin cushions (only 2 have signed up — this class may be cancelled)*
shop open fridays 10-6
*see website for details:  raggzfiberart.com


i’ve been busy trying to figure out what comes next.  plans are in the works for the following classes beginning end of april.
changing colors
felt sheep
bird pod
tunisian crochet
confident color two
fixing simple mistakes
boot socks
felted clock

however, due to my parking area finally getting enlarged, i will wait til the next newsletter to work out the details.  our contractor is going to work around fridays so the shop will not have to close so i will keep everyone updated on that situation.  but if in doubt, please call!

found an interesting article i think you would like:  http://www.treehugger.com/culture/dont-stop-knitting-its-keeping-you-healthy.html


i’ve been busy finishing up my felt boot class and am getting ready to begin a nuno felted top.  i’m still getting my upstairs reorganized before i allow myself to have fun felting.  but i did finish my wonky felted clock.  

last friday we had a good time at the shop and our friend, donna stopped by sporting a new ‘do and a puppy!

time to close now and i’ll post just a few more pix below.  see you soon!


fun times at the show!

dulcimer derek and my beautiful instrument!

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