april fools 2013

thanks to a great suggestion from kim mcguire, april is now ‘everything off the needles month’.  this is a great time to finish up your works in progress collecting dust and with a clear conscience begin to knit some much-anticipated warm weather tanks, skirts, or light wraps.  OR if you are really ambitious, time to start thinking about christmas gifts.  i cant even begin to tell you how many wip’s i have because, frankly, i dont know!!  so many, in fact, that 75% of the time i need a certain needle, its missing from the case!  so kim, thanks for the inspiration – i’m going to give it my best shot.

with anxious anticipation for spring’s arrival, i redressed all of my mannequins with their summer garb.  what a job that was — it was like having to get dressed a dozen times and then decide which knitted sample coordinated with which outfit.  this is something i am definitely not good at, as you all know by the way i dress, but i did my best.  it was actually kind of fun, like when you get to dress your kids (before they decide for themselves what they will and will NOT wear).  lucky for me, cathy rosensteel gave my ‘girls’ a much needed boost by re-arranging some of their outfits.
check out this photo of the craftique fiber art group happily knitting and crocheting away every saturday morning.  many of them are working on hitch hikers in different yarns, including nightfall.
speaking of nightfall, the 
remainder of my order has been shipped and will be arriving next week.
Toni H. (lovingly called OT for ‘other toni’) crocheted the cutest granny square with sock yarn, folded over the top corner and added ties to it by picking up and knitting and made the cutest ever little neckerchief.  it is her own design and we are calling it ‘the cutie’ and that it is!


kauni (pronounced like ‘connie’) from estonia, a small lowland country bordered by the baltic sea, latvia, and russia.  look it up on ravelry and see the beautiful patterns knit with this yarn.  i have patterns for sale as well but by checking on ravelry, you will see how the colorways change.  kauni retails for $29 per skein but you can get it here for $22!
homestead heirlooms handles and gate rings; zippers, stitch markers and every color of full ‘o sheep.
noni kits and patterns have arrived by storm.  when i saw nora bellows and her beautiful purses, sweaters, kits, and accessories at the pgh knit and crochet festival, i knew i just had to add noni to my list of items to be offered. for example, i ordered lipstick and change purse kits (includes yarn, handle, purse frame, bag feet, stiffner, pattern, and beads…) which retails for $50 but you can get them here for $40.
unannounced in-store specials will be run from time to time but you obviously have to be at the shop to see what they are.  for example, on Good Friday, i hid easter eggs with a prize inside each one, such as owl stitch markers, buttons, a $5 gift certificate, and 10% off your total purchase.  


dolly llamas: thursday april 25  noon at panera bread   
purlin girls: thursdays april 4 at noon at the bean
close knit girls: wednesday april 3  6 pm at panera bread 
craftique fiber art group:  saturday apr 6 & 13 10-12
knitters anonymous:  tuesday april 9 from 1 to 7 (*note later hours!)
shop open every friday from 10 to 6


amazing stitches class saturday, april 13 1:00*/**
silver stitch marker tuesday, april 16 1:00*
machine needle felt class saturday april 20 10-5*
*pre-registration required in person or via email and payment must be made in advance
**about a week before the class, i will email everyone with what they need to bring with them, as there is some pre-knitting required
be sure to check out my website for additional information and more info on classes.
as a community service, i would like to announce that on saturday, april 20 there will be a fundraiser to benefit the murrysville community library.  performances will be held at the murrysville community center (724/307-8679).  there will be a children’s matinee at 2:00 pm ($5 per child – accompanying adults free) and an evening performance ($10) at 7 for adults only.  one of my knitting students is one of the storytellers and tom and i are looking forward to attending!
i’ve lost track of one of my books:  knit ‘n felt.  can those of you who occasionally borrow a book check and see if you have it lying around please?  thanks!
congrats to mary ann wolf for winning march’s doorprize.
and last but not least, all the babies and mamas are doing great!
thank you for taking time to read my newsletter!

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