well if you believe that groundhog, there’s a light at the end of the winter tunnel.  its also time to tap those maple trees.  i am very excited about it this year since i missed out last year due to an early thaw so i got the trees tapped today.  since it was too cold this morning for the sap to run, nothing was coming out but later in the day i had about 1/2 inch or so in the bucket!  woohoo
monte brought up an interesting point the other day at the purlin girls gathering.  she leaned over and said ‘i want to thank you for the gift of knitting.’  i was taken aback by it to be honest with you and welcomed her and laughed it off.  
but later in the day, after i thought about it, i realized that the knitting truly has been a gift.  it is a great way to be creative as well as productive and the friendships which have formed through knitting will last forever, or at the very least for many years to come. we’ve been through a lot together and at our gatherings we have so much fun, the room is bursting at the seams!

monte has been stricken with duffer fever:
well my first ad was in the february 6 pgh knit and crochet email blast.  they didn’t put in the text, only the photo and unfortunately it listed my shop as being located in pittsburgh but the phone number was right and when you click on the ad, it takes you here to the blog with the correct information.  already i received a comment from someone who saw it!  it has since been corrected.  also i do have a half page ad being placed in the festival brochure.
loads of new cascade close-outs have arrived including baby folio, lampedusa, dolly, and prisma.  these yarns are $1 and $2 per skein and i’m sure they will go fast, so come on by and check them out.  they’re on the porch with the other sale items.  
and in an attempt to reorganize, i’ve moved items from the regular price shelves to the bargain bin including a stash of cascade bulky leisure in select solids and variegated at an unbelievable price of $3.  the content is 35% superfine alpaca and 65% pima cotton.  other various yarns, including red heart baby yarns have been reduced.  these are all nice yarns and will make a great addition to YOUR stash instead of mine!
i am planning on phasing out acrylics and man-made yarns  to specialize in natural fibers.  i will be carrying some blends but for the most part i want to stick with my true passion – natural, mostly local, one-of-a-kind, organic and handspun yarns not readily found.  there are so many creative spinners out there and my plan is to help them out by purchasing their creations and offer them here. these folks rarely sell wholesale, which is totally understandable, as they are all spun by hand (not mass produced) so i wont be able to offer them at the discount my other yarns are.  at the present time, i carry willow mist acres, snowberry & lime, and a yarn from germany.  i’m hoping to expand my selection soon.
i am currently working on a noro sweater using sock yarn and a series of wrap and turns, thus making wedges in the sweater.  its beautiful so far.  funny story – tom was in the kitchen the other night and i heard him cursing about water being on the counter and floor and he called for me.  well, at that moment i was working on a wrap and turn and informed him ‘NOT NOW I’M COUNTING!’.  if only i could have seen his face. 
ARTWORX ORIGINALS – colorful, handmade one-of-a-kind buttons from north carolina in new colorways.  OZARK handspun – this yarn is right up my alley with its thick/thin, bit of sparkle, and loose curls here and there in unique color combinations and is dyed and spun in the ozark mountains.
NEW COLORS in noro kureyon and malabrigo rastita and FIBRA NATURA 100% LINEN.  also some new handspun yarn from snowberry & lime from the UK.
oh and before i forget – january’s door prize winner was sylvia elliott.  sylvia is in florida presently; i’m sure she’ll be pleased to know her name was drawn.
thursday feb 21:  purlin’ girls latrobe coffee bean 12-3
tuesday feb 26:  knitters anonymous 1-5 here at the shop
saturdays feb 16 and 23:  craftique knitters 10-12 at craftique in greensburg
thursday feb 28:  dolly llamas here at the shop
date tba:  close knit girls
fridays the shop is open from 1 to 6
REMINDER!  the pittsburgh knit and crochet festival is march 15, 16, and 17.  i have a full load in my car now but we could form a convoy for those who are directionally challenged.
birthday club shout out! 
february greetings go to:  linda lang, donna whiteside, carolyn and trish fiore, cathy rosensteel and holly holbein.  belated january greetings go to:  cathy peters, ardis mock, eugenia shipe, linda jones, marge jackson, jennifer le, tina blake, and rosemary abeles!  (sorry january girls for being late – it slipped my mind last month).  please be sure to pick up your $5 birthday certificate next time you’re here if you havent already used it.  and if i dont have your birthday, dont forget to sign up.

next newsletter i will have a complete listing of my upcoming classes. so long for now! 

“knitting” around the world:  
french “tricot”
german “strikke” 
italian “maglia”
spanish “punto de media”
norway “strikke”
russian “trikotazh”
arabic “hayyak”
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