such a busy time of year and so many fun things coming up!  some of you know i have a new kitten (temporarily — if my heart can stand to part with him).  two weekends ago i was wet felting my final octopus out on my back deck and i thought i kept hearing a cat.  we have so many birds in the yard and with the traffic on the lower road, i wasn’t sure if i was hearing things.  well, sure enough i heard it loud and clear coming from the lower part of our yard which is thick with pine trees and very near the road.  i walked down as quietly as i could and there he was.  sitting on some sticks on the ground.  the only way i even saw him was his silouette and as soon as he saw me, he ran into the high grass.  he would stop meowing when i got nearby, making it impossible to find his exact location.  long story short, after two days of my neighbor and myself trying to capture this little creature, i put out a live trap with some canned cat food in it and caught him sunday afternoon.  poor guy was so hungry, his face was buried in the can and he never even saw me approach.  but when i picked up the trap, i thought i had caught some kind of itty bitty wildcat.  he hissed and growled and swiped at me with his claws.  uh oh i thought.  i set the cage on my porch so he could see me and after a bit he settled down and i went over and put my hand flat against the cage and he actually came over and rubbed up against it.  i felt brave enough to put a finger or two in and he instantly purred and rubbed up against them.  so out he came and he purred and cuddled for quite a long time.  poor little bean – spending a couple (or who knows how many) nights outside all by himself.  he would be in my lap and i SWEAR he would look up at me and gaze at my face as if to say thanks.

so – wanna see this angel face, if you havent already????


he has the sweetest soft gray stripes on his legs and belly.  my cat, critter, HISSES every time she sees OR smells his scent unfortunately, but i am lucky enough to have a found a home for him – rebecca hilko shepler and her wonderful family will be adopting him very soon and i’m happy knowing he will have a good home.  but i sure am going to miss him, as will the ladies at the shop, who get to visit with him every day….


ok now on to business!

THIS friday, july 14 from 10 to 5, THE PRAIRY TRUNK SHOW will be visiting raggz.  Carlene is a farmer from cumberland, maryland and raises different breeds of sheep, alpaca, chickens, and more on her farm she calls ‘a pretty little farm’.  her yarn is so amazing and truly unique.  this is the true meaning of support small and if you buy yarn from her, you are supporting farm to fiber in its true sense!  please visit us friday.  carlene is bringing her famous lamb curry and there will be other treats as well!  help support our farmers!  AND, rebecca hilko shepler wrote a pattern called “a pretty little shawl” just for carlene’s yarn.  pattern available on ravelry or here at raggz.

carlenepretty shawl

SATURDAY, july 15 from 2 to 4, theresa dellavecchio leaky (i think she has just about every letter in the alphabet in her name almost!) is kindly showing us how to make polymer clay beads and canes.  you can make beads for knitting, crocheting, jewelry, stitch markers – whatever.  and all for only $5!  yes FIVE DOLLARS!  and she is supplying all materials as well.  join us for some clay fun!

polymer clay



oh man, where do i start?  spencer hill yarn from new york, dream BFL sock yarn – their newest line, Chiagoo needle sets, Karbonz sets, loads of accessories, Lacis swifts and ball winders……  the list goes on.

access. unl;td

spencer hill
spencer hill naturally dyed yarn
dream bfl
dream in color bfl sock


no peeking at the amazing colors of this new yarn!

STEEL VALLEY YARN CRAWL is coming up as well!  friday july 28 through sunday august 6!  eleven stores, just like last year – new wonderful bags, and a new prize structure.  check out the website and Facebook page for more details! and last but not least, i’m working on a new pattern for the yarn crawl with a BRAND NEW YARN to this area!  it is being dyed as we speak.  it will not be unveiled until the first day of the yarn crawl.  even my regulars don’t know who it is!


that’s all for now.  hope to see you soon!  will close with a photo of my undersea creatures!

octopibye bye!!!

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