well the raggz spring/summer tea is now history.  we had such a good time yesterday.  i will repeat what i said on my Facebook page:  i am truly blessed to be involved with such a beautiful group of women! oh the amazing handmade items which were modeled, from hats to scarves to handbags to sweaters.  such talent!   the christmas tea is already on the calendar for sunday, december 4th.



katy doran modeling her adorable hat with a work in progress attached and dotty westervelt outshining the centerpiece!


as we speak, we are up to our elbows in honey.  no lie!  your mouth may be watering with the thoughts of all that golden honey flowing but i am sticky, tom is sticky, every available countertop space is sticky, and about a dozen utensils, not to mention the floor.  as soon as we get it bottled, some will be available for sale.



have you tried the new needle keepers yet?  they are these amazing little tubes with a rubber tip that keep your circular needles with work on them secure no matter how much you bang your knitting bag around.  they were invented by a lady in california – you know what they say – necessity is the mother of invention.  they come in 12 pretty colors and i have plenty here at the shop.  i love mine and i think you’ll appreciate them too!  i gave some out as prizes at yesterday’s tea.  i’m anxious to hear how the ladies like them.



NEW colors of meadow croft dye-works silk traveler arrived last week.  LIKE BUTTA!


ceramic knitting bowls with nature designs made by a local woman who lives in ligonier.


UPCOMING CLASSES AND EVENTS (details on classes/events tab)


this long awaited and much anticipated event is almost here!  Keri Fosbrink will be at the shop both days during regular hours showcasing her amazing yarns, which were a huge hit at the pittsburgh knit and crochet as well as other fiber shows, including mine.  keri and i put our heads together to create a color way just for ME!  during the trunk show, she will have two skeins available and we will have a contest to name the yarn.  yes you have the opportunity to name my yarn!  the winner will be chosen saturday at the end of the trunk show and the winner will receive those two skeins!  after that this color way will only be available at my shop and quantities will be limited. refreshments will be available and periodically keri or i will be giving some little hints and tips.  so come join not only MY first trunk show, but hers as well!  her mom is coming and hopefully grandma will be attending as well!!!  i’m so excited about it.

July 29 – August 7:  STEEL VALLEY YARN CRAWL


SEPTEMBER STASH SALE (start gathering your stuff up now)

more classes are being scheduled including free form bracelet taught by dotty westervelt, knitted beads taught by knittenjen’s beads, elizabeth zimmerman’s baby surprise jacket, felted lamp, crocheted snowflakes, and more!  check the classes tab for more information as it is updated.  if anyone has any suggestions or there’s something you would like to learn, please let me know.


YARN BOMB GREENSBURG:  coordinator, Susan O’Neill still needs donations of yarn as well as knitted or crocheted pieces for this event.  check out her website at http://yarnbombgreensburg.org for more info.  i am happy to be a drop off point for yarn or finished pieces.


gotta get back to my honey, so i want to close this entry with an excerpt from wendy bell’s blog yesterday.

“suppose that each morning $86,400 is deposited into your private bank account.  you have to spend every penny every day and aren’t allowed to transfer the money into another account or give it to anyone else.  the bank opens each morning when you wake up and your banker puts another $86,400 into your account.  he then takes what you havent spent at the end of each day and can stop the daily deposits at any time – without warning – and close your account.  just like that.  what would you do?  would you buy anything and everything you ever wanted?  would you try to spend every penny every day knowing all your money would be replenished the next morning?


we’ve already won this prize.  except the money is actually TIME.  each morning we wake up to 86,400 seconds.  the gift of life.  when we go to sleep, whatever we havent used up is forever lost with no guarantee of tomorrow.  what we all do with those precious seconds matters.

it’s a beautiful thing when you finally understand the banker is God.”



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