hidey ho everyone!  i am actually a day EARLY getting my blog done.  that almost NEVER happens!  hope that everyone is happily working on summer projects.  i do know some ladies who are working on christmas gifts believe it or not!  i’m dreaming of knitting, as my rotator cuff injury has rendered me unable to do much, so i’m catching up on sewing and pin weaving.

yesterday– supposedly unlucky friday the 13th PLUS a full moon, was not at all unlucky for me.  i had an overflow at the shop and we had a wonderful time talking and sharing.  patti brought a new friend, diana, and bonnie (who owned bonnie knits shop in monroeville for 20 years) also popped in with her friend kathy, for the first time!  now to nudge tom to get the parking lot DONE!

the fundraiser for scott trimble concluded last friday and i am happy to announce that RaggZ raised $200 during the silent auction.  craftique fiber group also raised $200 for their auction, so scott will be getting a nice chunk of change to help him in his efforts to get to the worldwide ultimate frisbee championships in italy next month.  sylvia told me scott knew her knitting friends were doing something but he had no idea what and she will be surprising him very soon.

‘beth’s cat’ is now named little critter.  yes i know he/she is not little but i have had him/her for two months now and still hadn’t named him/her.  each time i would come into the shop i would call him/her something different and got to thinking this is getting ridiculous.  i had many ideas in my head but decided on little critter for some reason.  if you recall, there were little critter books out about 30 years ago (possibly still are) and my kids loved them so perhaps that’s why i decided on that name.  its also a pretty androgens name so i have covered the bases.  he/she will be going to the vet soon for a check up and i will at long last find out the gender so i can stop saying him/her!

the little one is doing so well up on the farm!  her mother has taken her back.  this is so amazing and i have never seen it happen in all the years we have been raising animals.  she is still on a couple of bottles a day (against tom’s wishes) but we don’t know how much milk she is actually getting so i am happy to supplement for a while.  she is munching away on grass and hay and seems to be very well adjusted.  i will be taking her for a visit to hannastown tuesday for the kid’s summer program, where i will also be demonstrating spinning.  that will be her first ride with me in a long time and i’m certain the kids will absolutely LOVE her.  who wouldn’t?  here is a photo taken by thea on the last friday clarice visited us at the shop, before making the move to the farm.  she just sent it to me yesterday and i hadn’t seen it before that…

she had fallen asleep in my arms, rendering me useless.  she doesn’t fit on my lap like that anymore!

WHAT’S NEW YOU ASK?                                      

Pagewood Farm now has 5 pack assortments of
handspun yarn and silk ribbons.  a total of ten yards in a pack – great for embellishing small projects or jewelry.   more colors of ‘aw knots’ arrived as well – this is the yarn kim m. used for one of her gorgeous purses and the knots looked like bobbles without the work!

JUST ARRIVED: a huge box of brown sheep seconds worsted and bulky yarn ($3.50) in a multitude of colors including pink, chocolate soufflé, oregano, lemony lime, supreme purple, limeade, olive, lemon drop, teal haze, sun yellow, and sea foam. burly spun ($9) in periwinkle and carribbean waves. lana boucle ($4) tropical lagoon and purple framboise. WHAT A BARGAIN. get ’em while their hot because i could only get five in each color! I GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE FOR THESE PRICES!


RaggZ has been approved to sell patterns through ravelry now.  i’m very excited about this prospect and have to learn how to do it to get it up and running, which will be soon!


the next class on deck here at the shop is the felted sheep class.  it will be held wednesdays, june 25, july 2, and july 9 from 1-3.  you will learn short row shaping for three dimensional objects.  these three classes get you through to your felted sheep (see photo).  a 4th class is available to needle felt curls on your sheep to make it look like it is ready to be sheared.  these sheep are adorable and i won first prize a couple of years ago at the county fair with one of the curly sheep.  these make a great gift for sheep or animal lovers.  the sheared version is great for kids but the curly version not so much, as the curls could possibly pull out.  see website for complete details.

this is the ‘sheared’ side which is what you will complete in the class (ignore the curls you can see)
this is the curly side which will require an additional class

ZENTANGLE! class wednesday july 16 from 1-3 at the shop.  sylvia elliott is offering to teach us the amazing art of zen tangle.  i don’t have all the details yet so stay tuned.  below is a picture sylvia drew for me of a zen tangle sheep but in the class you can choose whatever you like to draw.  it is a combination of doodling and zen…..

last wednesday, katy, cathy, and i went to dotty’s amazing house in the woods in bear rocks for the pin weaving class.  a great time was had by all and we learned so much about pin weaving.  below are the photos of our work.  i actually finished a second one with alternative type materials yesterday to keep my hand in it.

kathy’s beautiful purple work in progress
cathy chose southwest colors

i actually finished mine because i was working and not talking believe it or not!

MORE CLASSES are being scheduled and will be in the july blog.  classes include arm knitting, felting a self portrait, how to fix simple mistakes in knitting, confident color, vessels, felt acorns and pumpkins, etc.


saturdays june 21 and 28:  craftique fiber art group at craftique in gbg 10-12
monday june 23 felt flowers private class 6-8 at the shop
tuesday june 24 KA 1-6
wednesday june 25 felt sheep class (see details above)
wednesday june 25 close knit girls meet at panera murrysville 6-8
thursday june 26 purlin girls meet at the bean at noon
fridays shop open 10-6

KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY RUNS from june 14 to june 22 so get out there and knit in public!  most of us already do this i think!

MAY’S DOOR PRIZE WINNER:  CAROLYN KRUDWIG!  congrats carolyn – pop in to the shop for your prize!


Barbara Grossman, Founder of the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival,is teaming up with her sister Ann Szilagyi on a new endeavor.  The first-ever Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival is a two-day event that will feature classes, workshops, demos and a marketplace focusing on a variety of creative arts,
including fiber, beading, quilting, paper arts, repurposing, jewelry, surface design and more!  i have been asked to teach a felting class friday evening at this new endeavor and am very excited to see what its all about.  they have many other classes and make it and take it demos as well.  i am fortunate enough to be asked to teach a felting class friday night.  i can’t wait to see this new show! check it out at

NOTE:  4th of July falls on a friday this year and the shop will be closed that day.

hope to see you all soon and see what wonderful creative projects you are all working on.


did a little embellishing on my felted clock
little critter visiting with shirley
a recently finished wet felt purse
another purse i finally embellished after months of waiting

this is an older purse as well waiting for handles
you will never know what you find in someone’s knitting bag

this violet sitting like a dog.  this almost NEVER happens.  she looked so funny, as fat as she is.  we keep thinking she is going to birth any time now and it hasn’t happened yet.
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