i was remiss last month and missed maia’s birthday on the 23rd.  so belated happy birthday wishes to a wonderful lady!  june birthdays:  norma r 6/6; pat c 6/7; maryann w 6/9; and linda m 6/13.  stop in at the shop to get your $5 gift certificate good for your birthday month and i hope you all have a very happy birthday!
clarice is now living comfortably on the farm and my floors have all been spit shined.  life would almost be back to normal if i didn’t have to bottle feed her 4-5 times a day.  i don’t mind but you really have to work your schedule around it.  she will be down to 3 bottles soon, as the less milk she gets, the more she will be inclined to nibble on grass and hay, which she needs to do so that her rumen develops.  she seems to be adjusting very well.  just like with a small child, she if fine when i’m not there but the minute she sees me she starts bawling!  i have spied on her and i know that she is playing and doing just fine.
this past friday was the first friday she wasn’t visiting the shop and this note was found on the door:


my daughter was kind enough to secure some funky

trendsetter yarns at a store in boulder.  they are called Metals and Joy.  Metals is an unusually long eyelash yarn with a long eyelash strand of sparkly metal – some copper, some iridescent, some gold – unusual and hard to find.  Joy is a sweet funky yarn with ribbon flags – perfect for embellishing an out of the ordinary project.


i am looking into carrying a few new lines here at the shop but i must think about moving yarn OUT before i can move any more IN.  sooo, i am putting all crystal palace yarns on sale at an additional 10% for the month of june as well as all cascade yarns.  i know ten percent doesn’t sound like much, but take that off of an already super price and it is a very good bargain.  ALL patterns are 10% off as well!

dates to remember

tues 6/10 knitters anonymous 1-6
thursday 6/12 purlin girls meet at the bean at noon
fridays shop open 10-6

upcoming classes*

felt landscapes june 9 and 16
pin weaving june 11
felt sheep june 25, july 2 and 9
*see website for details
the felt flower and EZ peezie pin cushion classes went very well and some beautiful creations were born.

fundraiser concludes this friday, june 6th!  this is your last chance to get out here and get a bargain and raise money for scott trimble’s trip to italy for the ultimate frizbee world cup!  please help!  i will be notifying whoever was the highest bidder on the items.  you’re missing out on some wonderful things if you don’t get out here to bid this week!


SOMEBODY loves yarn as much as i do!

deni visiting anthony in portland
clarice’s last visit
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