may 11, 2015

hard to believe it has been a month since i have blogged but it has been a super busy one. the grand opening was amazing and i am very excited with my shop’s new look. my sheep are sheared – now it’s time to wash and card. new fencing is now in place for a new pasture for my critters.  the goats, sheep, and cattle are now all living together and seem to be getting along just fine.  the two new calves, gloria and georgia are getting big.  in the photo below, gloria is in the foreground.  she is two weeks older than georgie, who is back left (looks real small).  she is mostly black with a little reddish but he is more reddish than she is.  they are both pretty tame and will get within about 6 feet of me but that’s the closest i can get for now.



i have so very many new yarns that i can hardly contain myself. i have quite a few new samples such as a cute shell pullover knitted with schoppel gradient; gorgeous texting mitts made with 100% baby alpaca from the alpaca yarn company; spring fashion scarves from mango moon’s silk ribbon; two gorgeous cowls with malabrigo rasta; a sweater knitted with malabrigo rastita which is still a work in progress, and a sweet little baby sweater knitted with Done Roving’s Frolicking Feet.  another wip is a short summer top made with Done Roving’s wool crepe.


some of my new yarns include:
Island yarns, Done Roving, The Alpaca Yarn Company, Malabrigo, Mango Moon, Hikoo simply natural, Hikoo Kensington, HiKoo simpliworsted, several different varieties of Schoppel. i also have some gorgeous varieties of gradients from Done Roving that are to die for. see why i can’t sleep?  in addition, i am carrying individual addi turbo needles, gauges, stitch markers, tape measures, and buttons.


more exciting news – i will soon be carrying Plymouth and possibly Kraemer. WOW. i just don’t have the room to put it all so i am going to put some yarns in the clearance racks to make room.  incidentally, the sale yarns are now at the top of the stairs, so if you want a bargain, you have to work a little for it.

Seems there are a lot of grand babies being born lately, so a lot of my samples are going to be children’s sweaters. i have made up several using malabrigo, feza fanatic, done roving, and dream. so for those of you who are looking to knit baby sweaters for a gift, i have the yarn for you. not your ordinary baby sweaters, baby!

I am excited to give you news that i will be one of eleven yarn shops in the area involved in the Steel Valley Yarn Crawl. it runs july 31 to august 9. so yes i will be open all ten days. my extended hours for the crawl will be 10 to 5 every day except sunday which will be 11 to 4. if you’ve never done a crawl before, here is how it works. you purchase a bag which contains a passport and raffle tickets for $10. each shop had to order a minimum, so i am hoping you will support me and try to start the crawl here and get your bags from me. some shops had no problem selling out of their bags but i have no idea how it will go for me being that this is my rookie year. the passport gets stamped for each shop you visit during the crawl. if you visit all of the shops, you are eligible for the grand prize. each shop will have three baskets to raffle and with your purchases you can earn extra tickets which are to be used at that shop only. more details as i learn more. i think it is going to be a good experience for me.

i apologize for being so lax in scheduling classes but i have a lot of good ideas including, but not limited to:  beginning knitting, color, stranded color work, wet felted bird pods, basic needle felting, wet felted gnome homes, make your own displays, jewelry, and more!

for starters, alisa barnhart will be teaching an embellished ladder stitch bracelet on tuesday, june 16th from 1-4 here at the shop.  cost of the class is $40 and includes all supplies.  a sample can be seen at the shop.  colors will vary.  must pre-register for the class.



thanks for being patient with my blogging absence and not having classes scheduled.  this new blog and website are still a bit of a mystery to me but i’m working at it.

see you soon!

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