16 august 2014

just got back from another glorious day at ligonier country market.  quite chilly upon arrival at 6:30 a.m. i think it was 47 degrees but it turned out to be a fabulous day.  i won’t make it to market next saturday (8/23), as i will be at the pgh creative art fest …. more detail.

monte, mary ann, jean, and i went to donna’s second annual fundraiser at ligonier beach.  tons of baskets, music, food – good times.  donna was having fun but she did say that more people attended last year so i hope everyone raised a good bit of money for her and her cause.  please consider attending next year to make each one a success for this wonderful lady.

i had the extreme pleasure of getting to meet mary ann wolf’s son john, and his two beautiful daughters meg and sue, who currently reside in paris.  mary ann brought them to the farm to see the animals and i let them name violet’s baby born july 7.  they thought long and hard over it and talked it over with their family before deciding.

JOYEUX (means happy in french)  

of course this is clarice hogging all the attention

well at this point, we are hoping all of our goat illnesses are over.  our herd is down to half, the vet has been here twice, they’ve been medicated several times, and are now in a fresh pasture where they will be for the next month.  it’s been hard for us and i hope we have learned how to avoid this situation in the future.  and yes everyone, Miss Clarice is fabulous as usual.

i am also now the recipient of three new wethers (male sheep incapable of reproducing in case you are wondering).  two leicester long wool sheep with lovely curly locks, and one icelandic.  the icelandic is quite small and i’m thinking of naming him herbie or pee wee.  the other two are still unnamed.  my friend laurie from The Lavender Fleece in michigan delivered them last monday.  leicester long wool are considered a rare heritage breed and laurie is considered one of the top breeders in the U.S.

leicester longwool
herbie or pee wee or henry or herman……

its been crazy busy around here, not only tending to sick animals and getting acquainted with the new ones, but i’ve been trying like crazy to get my basement painted, re-wired, lighting, etc for my kiln as well as my feltLOOM.  i have a wonderful potter who will be teaching hand building classes.  we will be starting off with a simple class, such as ceramic buttons.  handmade ceramic glazed buttons add a special touch to your hand knitted items.  hopefully it will be up and running by late september.


classes, classes, classes! (see list below) also my feltLOOM is being delivered from kentucky this very thursday.  i can’t wait to get it up and running.  when it’s all set, i will be doing demonstrations and holding open studios for you to see for yourself what an amazing machine this is.  remember, i went to kentucky in may to take a class to learn how to make a coat.  it will be done soon – still fine tuning with embellishments.

everyone else does christmas in july but in lieu of september being MY birthday month — the BIG one — i am going to have 60 (yes i said SIXTY) specials.  it’s not going to be easy, but i am going to make it happen!  different specials on different days and at different times.  details in the september 1 blog.  this is going to take some planning.  i will also be starting a frequent fiber card very soon.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Jenny H (20th), Sally H (22nd), Toni H (26th), Jeanmarie C (26th), Pam (28th), Cheryl M (28th), Shirley T (29th), Maryann M (30th), and Connie (30th).  WOW THIS IS A BUSY BIRTHDAY MONTH!  get over here to the shop for your $5 off birthday certificate!


monday, 8/18 knit chix meet at Becky’s house at noon
thursday, 8/21 purlin girls meet at the bean at noon
tuesday, 8/26 knitter’s anonymous at the shop 1-6
fridays, august 22 and 29, shop open 10-6.
friday and saturday august 22 and 23 first annual pgh creative arts festival pghcreativearts.com
NOTE i will NOT be closed august 22, as was previously stated.




tuesday 8/19 from 1:30-3:30
instructor:  sylvia elliott
$30 includes all materials

felt landscapes
wednesday, 9/10 from 1 – 4
instructor:  toni ritchey
$50 includes all materials.  you find your own stick to hang it with!  again must have some wet felting experience and be able to roll your work many times.   bring a picture or have an idea of what type of landscape you would like to make or i will have several samples available.  you will take your landscape home with you and do any stitching, embellishing, beading, etc at home after your masterpiece has dried.


tuesday, 9/16 1:30 – 3:30
instructor:  pat kintigh
$30 includes all materials

wet felt slippers
monday, 9/22 10 – 2
instructor:  toni ritchey
$50 includes all materials
some wet felting experience is necessary for this class and the ability to use your arms and be
able to sit or stand for hours.  this isn’t a class for sissies!  bring a lunch, as you will need a break at some point.

boiled wool flower pin

wednesday, 9/24 1:00 – 3:00
instructor:  christine clark
$20 includes materials
take this class and go home with a completed
embellishment for your autumn wardrobe.
bring a small pair of sharp scissors.
instructor fees will be donated to
imaginegoods.com, a program that buys young
girls out of human trafficking in cambodia.

UPCOMING CLASSES:  wet felted pumpkins and acorns, knitted/felted snowman purse, arm knitting….  sorry just been too busy to get them all scheduled.

don’t forget to visit me and the other wonderful vendors at Ligonier Country Market every saturday from 8 to noon through October 4th!  hurry!  it’s going fast!  i will not be at market august 23, as i will be taking a class at the pgh creative arts festival.

hope to see you all soon.  here are some random photos for you:

another thing keeping me busy – extracting honey.  still not done!  will have some or sale soon i hope.

mummy needs to go now and give ME some attention.  she’s been on that computer way too long now!
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