happy december to all!  i hope everyone has recovered from the thanksgiving feeding frenzy.  our thanksgiving was small but a little sad, as we lost griz, our 13 year old shepherd, the tuesday before thanksgiving.  he had a great week prior to his death, as he was able to go up on the farm every day with tom.  monday evening, he was acting listless and his back legs were really beginning not to work.  he passed quietly mid-day tuesday with tom by his side.  tom took it really hard, as griz had been his constant companion.  when griz was a puppy, he went to work with tom every day at the machine shop.  after tom retired and we bought the farm, griz accompanied tom to the farm for chores so we are confident he had an exceptionally good life and knew he was much loved.  he is sorely missed – our house seems so empty but i know he and raggz are reunited and running and playing again patiently waiting for us to join them. 

now on a happier note, i want to thank everyone who made the ligonier country christmas market a great success.  now i can breathe easier, as the only place i will have a few of my things is the log cabin christmas show which continues this friday through sunday (dec 6, 7, and 8) located on hay lane in murrysville.

raspberry hill alpacas is holding an open house this saturday and sunday at the farm on harrison city road, near shramm’s market.

on saturday december 7, the greensburg art center is holding another open house from 1-4pm with free gift wrapping, cookies and hot spiced cider!  their snowflake showcase offers many different handmade items and is worth checking out.  

if you need more info on any of these above shows, please contact me.

several of our knitting friends are in the process of becoming new grandmothers.  cathy rosensteel’s first grandchild was born tuesday in virginia and diane mogul is eagerly awaiting the good news from her daughter in new jersey as well.  congratulations ladies – we want to see pictures.  (a FEW pictures – NOT an entire album please).  wink wink

dont forget, a gift certificate to RaggZ is a great present for that knitter/felter in your life, available in any denomination with no expiration date!  the hiya hiya short tip needle sets are flying off the shelf at the best prices in town.  i sell these sets for $55, while most other places sell them for over $70.  shop around and you will see!

i hope everyone’s christmas projects are complete or well underway.  i am working on another pair of the felted clogs for my son’s girlfriend.  all i have left to do are the double bottoms, get them felted, then ship them out.  i am thinking of sewing tom another heavy lined overshirt.  i’ve made him about five of them and they are getting worn, so i think its time to make another. 

i got a wonderful surprise at the ligonier market saturday.  when i first started at the market, i met two wonderful ladies – a mother and daughter – from south hills of pittsburgh.  what impressed me at first was that the mother (probably around 70 at the time) purchased several purses from me but they were always funky, out-there purses.  i asked her if they were for her grandchildren and she indignantly said “they’re for ME!”  (i have since learned to keep my mouth shut).  anyhow we all became friends and they visited me once or twice a summer.  the last time i saw them, mom was wearing oxygen and moving pretty slowly.  i dont know what her illness was exactly but there they were stopping by to say hello.  she also wanted to give me some of her old yarns and knitting paraphernalia because she was not longer able to knit.  several months ago she passed away under the care of her loving daughter.  well the daughter contacted me last week to see if i was going to be at the christmas show and i said i was.  she said she wanted to drop something off.  she showed up with a wreath her mom had made for me decorated with knitting objects (yarn, tape measure, one of my business cards, needles, buttons, felt flower).  they had wanted to come to my shop to deliver it but got too ill to make the trip. it brings a tear to my eye and a smile in my heart every time i look at it.   

rhonda pegg was kind enough to drop some books by monica ferris off at the shop to be shared with you.  these stories all revolve around fiber and rhonda said they are an enjoyable read.  you are welcome to stop by and pick one up to read and pass it along to someone else who will enjoy it. 

happy birthday this month to jean r (december 5), marlene s (december 7), and dari m (december 15). happy birthday ladies and remember during your birthday month to come and use your $5 off birthday certificate!  forgive me if i already mentioned this, but i will not be giving out those little cards any longer, thus saving paper and ink.  just stop into the shop during your month and cash in!  its much easier for me to keep track this way.
november’s door prize winner is linda maher! 
now that my big shows are over, i am in the process of re-arranging the shop and doing some much needed cleaning.  i may even decorate a little for christmas.  jennifer penrose, of antiqued country, dipped some twinkle lights for me and i’m anxious to see how they will work.  i personally do not like to decorate this early but i may give in this year since my shop is in total disarray anyhow!  i will be adding a big selection of roving to the front porch  for all you wet and needle felters out there.  i purchased a lot of hand dyed roving at the indie knit and spin, as well as curls.  i have roving from the shetland sheep farm i visited in oregon and icelandic and leicester longwool roving from the lavender fleece in michigan.
the only class i have scheduled right now is the jump ring bracelet class which will be this monday, december 9 at 10:00 at the shop.  still a seat or two available.  (see website for details)  plans for upcoming classes include the re-scheduled snowman purse, felted sheep, and some wet felting projects.  so stay tuned for more info!
upcoming dates to remember:
thurs, 12/5  knit wits meet at noon at the bean (the newbie group)
fri/sat/sun 12/6-8 log cabin christmas show
sat/sun, 12/7-9 raspberry hill alpaca open house
mon, 12/9 10:00 jump ring bracelet class at raggz*
tues, 12/10 knitters anonymous 1-6 at the shop**
thurs, 12/12 purlin girls meet at noon at the bean (oldie group)
fridays, 12/6 and 12/13 shop open 10-6
*see details for this class on the website raggzifberart.com
** note new hours – i will close at 6 NOT 7 from now on.  for any
    working girls who need later hours, just let me know.  no one
    ever shows up this late anyhow but i am happy to accommodate
winter on the farm is always a challenge.  that cold snap we had forced the goats to grow a very soft, thick layer of fur.  they look so adorable and feel so toasty, even in the coldest weather.  i’ll take some pictures of them and our new roosters for your enjoyment next time.
hope to see you all soon!

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