thanksgiving is over and christmas is quickly approaching.  where DOES the time go?  even though there’s less than a month, there is still plenty of time to finish up last minute gifts (even ones that need to be shipped across the country).  i am speaking from experience here.  not like i don’t know christmas is december 25th and that it is also my eldest son’s birthday, but i always seem to be scrambling and paying extra for expedited shipping.  i do it every year…  well at least i’m consistent…

today we wrapped up the final class of Colleen Maguire’s beaded shawl.  this lady is one amazing teacher – we learned so much valuable information in this class.  colleen taught us lace, beads, norwegian cast on, blocking techniques, applied i-cord bind off, and so much more.  we were extremely happy with this class and i am pleased to say that colleen has agreed to repeat this class in the spring, so please stay tuned and don’t miss out on it.  i promise you won’t be disappointed!  colleen teaches at michael’s and also will be teaching classes at the upcoming Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet festival in march.


this sunday is our Christmas Tea at the Victorian Lady of Academy Hill.  there are only a few tickets left, so if you are interested, you need to let me know asap, before the final headcount is given.  it really is a fun event, so if you’ve been thinking of attending, now is the time.



the next three classes on the docket are Knitten Jen’s beaded ball, Brioche! , and gefelted fishes.   check the classes and events page on the website for details.



my five-year anniversary sale ends on the 30th.  still time to save 20% on all yarn, fiber, and accessories.  thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.



saturday december 17th from 2 to 5!  my first open house!  come join us for a glass of bubbly, food, music, and even a bit of last minute shopping from a few local artisans.  dotty westervelt will have some of her bead embroidery jewelry available, as will alisa barnhart, cloda hewitt is making some special needle felted figures, dusty tree soap will be here with her amazing all natural soaps. and of course i will have a few knitted and felted items as well, including the debut of my mini felted wall hangings, wool potholders and hot pads, and stuffed woolly cats.  the wooly cats are made from recycled sweaters and stuffed with my own organic wool fiber.  perfect for a little one to snuggle with – no chemicals!  please pop in and share some christmas spirit with us.

i, personally, don’t do much of any shopping for the holidays.  i make some gifts and anything i send to my kids will be handmade as well.  i am happy that they appreciate gifts from the heart.




‘small business saturday’, a movement started some years back, to encourage folks to shop small businesses on the saturday after thanksgiving infuriates me to be honest.  wow ONE whole saturday out of the year, folks are encourage to patronize small businesses?  well thanks a hell of a lot!  that’ll keep us in business!  so i have started a Facebook page called small business every saturday.  to be honest, i would have liked to call it ‘small business every day’ but lets not get greedy.  in my ideal world, everyone would be shopping small.  i, personally, have spent my own money stocking my store.  i considered this an investment i had hoped to get a return on.  it hasn’t been as lucrative as i would like, but i’m plugging away hoping i have made the right decision and other small business owners have invested money as well.

pretty soon, perhaps in the next decade, there will probably be absolutely no small businesses out there – only walmart, target, and big box stores and pharmacies.  how sad – no mom and pop grocery stores (like there were when i was a kid), no local yarn or fabric stores, no more penny candy stores.  i want to see my money stay in the community and go to a family trying to make a go of it.  for example, dusty tree soaps (my personal favorite soap in the entire universe) is the typical example of a young mom with a small business who is supplementing the family income while being a stay at home mom.  rebecca is my hero.

yes you can order just about everything on the internet now and i, myself, take part in this due to its convenience (shopping in sweatpants and slippers).  but i do my part shopping at local farmers markets and craft shows and of course, make a lot of things myself.  on this page, i am going to encourage people with small businesses to make themselves known.  so share this info with folks you know who have their own small business.


i’m getting ready for my long winter’s nap.  friday, december 23 will be my last day open this year.  i will, of course, not be napping.  i have a lot i want to accomplish during the winter.  i want to do some painting, experiment on my feltLOOM, and do some altered couture.  i will be teaching two classes at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet on altered couture, which i am excited about.  just remember that i am always available if you have a yarn crisis, so just give me a call, message, text, Facebook – whatever – and i’ll be happy to be at the shop for you.  i have some events and changes next year.  for example, my frequent buyer card will be discontinued.  don’t worry – if you have a card started, you can fill it up still.  and if you have a card to redeem, it will be accepted.  i’ve been told i give too many discounts, so this is something that i will have to let go of.  my prices are already discounted, so no real need for an additional discount.  i am also toying with the idea of not accepting credit cards. that percentage that is charged really adds up.  so it’s either discontinue accepting plastic or re-price everything and give a discount for cash.  i suppose if i want to stay in business, i have to figure this out.


see you at the tea or the open house or perhaps some time on or before the 23rd!  if not, merry christmas and happy new year!



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