2017 has arrived!  my own personal 2016 went out like a lion with having to put down two of my critters in the same week.  my 8 month old billy goat (angelo) was foaming at the mouth on christmas morning.  according to the vet, he had listeriosis which is almost always fatal.  we frantically tried to save him but about five days later, we came to the realization that it was futile and we had to let him go.  we didn’t want him to suffer. then noodle, one of my shop cats, was acting odd and turned out she had a significant heart murmur which seemed to come out of nowhere.  had her at the vet, X-rays, medication – the whole 9 yards and the next day she was worse so i had to take her back and have her put down.  i love animals and farming but when this happens, i want to give it all up.  it’s just so hard.  i’m finally perking back up and looking forward to a new year.


something about starting a new year makes you want to make some changes.  i hesitate to call them resolutions, but here are some of mine:

eat better / exercise more

clean more (i’m not getting crazy here, just keeping things straightened up a bit better)

paint the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom at the house side. (i finished the dining room today actually)

do not start any new projects until i finish up all of those WIPS.  i’m happy to say i have indeed finished three projects in the past couple of weeks.  feels good!

volunteer more – i got away from doing my usual volunteer work with the elderly and i miss it so i am planning on volunteering with a hospice group, as i love love love the elderly.  it’s something my soul needs.

seek out and support local businesses, indie dyers and spinners, not only at the shop but personally.


i’m excited about opening up some new accounts at the shop.  i’ve already placed an order with KnitPicks.  i plan on carrying those wonderful multiple blocking pins, blocking wires, blocking boards, and a variety of needles and needle sets.   i found some more small local yarn companies, such as spencer hill and knit circus and will be placing my first order with indian lake artisan handmade needles soon.  more colors from youghiogheny yarns and meadow croft dye works will be available too.  i’m definitely sticking with my made in usa and shop local theme.  realistically i can’t do it 100% but i’m working towards that.


this down time is a great time for me to not only catch up on things around the house but to reconnect with friends i don’t get to see much – some knitting group meetings which i hardly get to attend.  lunch with friends.  more time with my critters.  volunteering.

i just got a new ewe lamb – she was born in april and is a beauty and i’m planning on her fleece being gorgeous too.  she is half leicester long wool and half dorsett and her name is heidi.  here she is after an hour and a half ride in the back of my jeep (which now officially smells like a barn).



reminder:  the raggz fiber affair and wool market will be held on saturday april 29th and saturday october 21.  new classes are being scheduled as we speak.  OH I ALMOST FORGOT – tina blake is hosting an event on saturday may 20th (also at the delmont fire hall) for crafters to sell all those supplies we no longer use.  it includes everything and is limited to nothing!  you will find fabric, sewing/quilting supplies, yarn/fibers/knitting/crochet supplies, beads/jewelry supplies, knitting machines, weaving stuff, and so MUCH MORE!  tina is making a Facebook page for this.  for those of you who wants to get rid of ‘stuff’ let me or tina know and she will get an application to you for a space.  this is going to be so fun!


that’s it for me.  everyone take care and hope your 2017 is full of love and life!

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